…your name is safe in my mouth.
– This quote or some variation of it has been attributed Jess C. Scott and Jodi Picoult.

I think this is one of the kindest things to say to another person.  Be it a family member, friend, or partner – I promise not to smear or betray you – no matter who I talk to.  And the idea is beautiful.

The hard work is honoring that promise to those who deserve it (and it’s not bestowed on just anyone). And it can prove difficult in the face of frustrations that greet us along the way.  Because, we know there will be more than a few annoyances and arguments.  But it’s a worthwhile promise, because those who truly matter most – truly deserve it.

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6 thoughts on “safe

  1. You’re so right, Mae. It says so much. There’s nothing like trust. For me, as I get older I realize how important a trusted friend is. In the past I was one of those with a dozen or so within site. Now, it’s a selected few and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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