Game of thrones – the season so far


It’s always hard when a series is in its final throes.  There’s been so much build up and time invested in the story that it can feel impossible for the ending to live up to the hype.  But I think the season has done a good job so far, we’ve been allowed to revel a little longer in the world of GOT and the plot is still advancing.

First, let’s talk about what happened so far (obviously, spoiler alert) and what we’ve learned:

Symmetry  – ah yes, I wouldn’t be a writer if I didn’t point out (and appreciate) the obvious symmetry between the first episode this season and the first episodes of the show in general – armies marching to Winterfell and trouble coming to the North.  And also the symmetry of the episode in general – beginning with a boy full of hope and youth, excitedly climbing a tree…and ending with Bran seeing Jaime, the man who stopped his tree climbing days forever.  Brilliant.

Questions of destiny and our trials making us who we are:  The hound tells Sansa that all of the terrible things that happened to her could have been avoided if she’d left King’s Landing with him.  She responds: if she had left with him, she would have stayed a naive little girl forever.  And essentially, that what she lived through shaped her into the woman she is.

Just a side note here – in real life, when someone tells me if I’d only listened to them I could have avoided x, y, z crisis, I end up grinding my teeth and getting really annoyed.  But what a lovely response Sansa has here – yeah, you might be right.  Maybe those things wouldn’t have happened, but then I wouldn’t have learned from it either.   Thanks, girl.  I’m going to borrow that line moving forward.

Life lesson #1: Even the sickest burns can’t hurt you when you’re ice cold.


Source: Popsugar/HBO

Shout out to the Night King here as he teaches us to be true to ourselves and not care when others try to burn us.  lol.  But really, dragon fire: 0, creepy cold zombie king: 1.

I had to admit, I thought the dragon fire would at least hurt the Night King.  But despite that setback, I was yelling in triumph by the end of the episode (sorry, neighbors).  Which brings me to the next thing we learned…

Life Lesson #2:  Sleight of hand tricks are always useful


Source: IMDB/HBO

It’s true.  Surprising and always entertaining at parties, sleight of hand tricks are killer.

So, Arya turns out to be the hero of the prophecy.  This was a delicious surprise and the nod to Syrio was lovely  – what do we say to the God of Death?  Not today!  It’s symmetrical and a forever battle cry.  It’s also appropriate this time around as well, because Arya was not going to just run away or stay hidden in the castle.  Today, she would fight and stop the creature who could control the dead.

Side note: Oh, Game of Thrones writers.  I would love to have several cups of coffee with you and wax poetic about symmetry.  I’d love to put it in my writing, but romance novels aren’t really epic and sweeping enough to have time for symmetry…or are they?

Prediction and theories:

I’ll get into predictions, but first, a plea:  please, HBO don’t kill the last dragon on Mother’s day.  It would be SO uncool.

Prediction #1: Daenerys goes full mad queen.  They’ve been hinting at this and I think it’s an easy prediction to make.  She’s lost so many of her close friends and clan. Each time she tries to do the right thing and follow the advice of her hand, it ends in disaster.  She’s down to one dragon and also, there’s the issue of her bf being her nephew and possibly stealing her throne.  People get a little emotional with that much on their plate.

Prediction #2: Jaime kills Cersei.  Really, I just want this to happen.  Also in the books, there’s a prediction that her “younger brother” would kill her.  This could also obviously apply to Tyrion as well.  But, I feel like there’d be some poetic justice in Jaime doing it, since she’s made hime do some horrible things AND because she’s passing off Jaime’s baby as Euron’s (after promising she’d tell people the baby is Jaime’s).

Prediction #3: Daenerys is pregnant. Yep, you think this too.  And I’m wondering if the baby is the one to sit on the throne at the end.

Prediction #4: Sansa will be the hand of….a King/Queen to be determined at a later date.  Perhaps Jon Snow, but I think more likely, his baby.  He doesn’t want to rule, which could make him a good ruler.  And, the Lord of Light bought him back to either be: the leader, make the future leader, or kill the mad queen.  So, who knows?

We’ll see, only two episodes left!  Enjoy!


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