Seeing the beauty

It’s been little while since I wrote a quote post, but I think this one is well worth the effort:

“Everything has beauty in it, but not everyone sees it.” – Confucius

It might sound a bit cheesy, but this year I’m trying to make an effort to start each day with gratitude.  I’m hoping it will help shift my perspective and improve my outlook.  I’ve just finished two weeks of my experiment and I’m hopeful of what I’ll accomplish.

Anyway, I came across this quote in my gratitude practice and I really wanted to share it.  I think it’s a good one, though I think there are (of course) some limitations.  Clearly, truly horrible events are not beautiful, no matter who is looking at it.  But, I think for most of our lives and the situations we find ourselves in, we can find gratitude, beauty, and perhaps even happiness.

Maybe the journey is in looking for these glimmers of beauty in the situations we generally struggle through.  And maybe in the worst situations, the beauty we’re looking for is within us – in our connections, actions, and hopeful thoughts.

I hope you find something beautiful today.

6 thoughts on “Seeing the beauty

  1. I’m reminded of the movie ‘When Harry Met Sally’. They are deep in conversation as the beauty of a fall day in Central Park lay in the background. They are so absorbed in their world they fail to see the amazing picture surrounding them.

    We are all guilty of this. It does take effort. You are not alone. We’re all attempting the same.

    Excellent post.

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