A quiet place – review

DVOikE9V4AEalKXCan I tell you a secret?  I’m secretly a fan of horror.

It’s true.  Although, I can only take so much of it before I get a little afraid of the dark (and have been known to follow up horror with cartoons to lighten the mood).  When I was young, I loved books by R.L Stein, and thought I should make the jump to reading real horror stories.  This proved to be a mistake (as it gave my vivid imagination a little too much fuel).

But horror movies can be so delicious.  Those little jumps of being startled, the strange humor that often weaves it’s way into the story, the characters, the plots – yes.  I love well done horror.  But I can be a bit of a snob.

“A Quiet Place” is really well done horror.   It’s short, fast paced, and so rich in its story and yes, even sound.  I love the strong and interesting characters, I loved how they communicated with each other – not only sign language, but the things they actually said.  I loved the way the characters seemed to communicate with the audience – the use of eyes (reminded me of the way eyes are used in silent films) was really well done.

And seeing it in the movie theater was a whole experience of itself.  In a theater where loud sounds almost vibrate the walls, I found myself – for the first time – hearing someone cough or crumple a candy wrapper.  It heightened the story and made me wonder what it must have been like when theaters played movies didn’t have sound.  It was truly – at least for me – a new experience.

So, make sure you check it out, especially when it’s still in theaters. Just don’t eat anything too loud. :p

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