Brain drain or missing muses

Have you ever gotten to a point in your life as a writer where you’ve spent so much time and energy on other things that you’ve no time for creative endeavors? Or maybe it’s not an issue of time; maybe you have no energy or creative spark to fuel even a journal entry.

That’s what’s happened to me and it’s landed me in the realm of missing muses. So what’s a writer to do when they can’t find the energy or motivation to write?

I’m really not sure. My answer as of late has been to laze about in my spare time. But that hasn’t helped much. It just makes me antsy about not being true to my love of writing.

So I’ve entered into phase two of my plan – just write. I’m going to write without plan or clear purpose and see what comes out. I’ll write descriptions of days, things, and people. Who knows, maybe some of it will help set the stage for a story. Or maybe it’ll just give me a chance to flex my writing muscles in a much needed workout.

What do you do when you suffer from creative brain drain or when life takes over your writing time?

9 thoughts on “Brain drain or missing muses

  1. Oh, I have many remedies – in case one of them doesn’t work. Read, listen to music or watch music videos that have some kind of story behind them. Watch movies or series. Play RPGs (that one almost always helps).

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  2. There’s this quite useful trick where you set a timer for 15 minutes – and you write on a piece of paper -it could be literally anything all the way from a blog post, a story, a journal entry or if you’re really stuck “I can’t think of anything to write today because”… it’s usually quite helpful?

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  3. Hi Leesha! I have the wayward muses too. I used to chase them down, but no more. Most of the time I get inspiration from people during conversations about interesting subjects and then suddenly, a story appears as my head elves flash hints of the storyline up against my eye screens. I write what comes to mind and then eradicate most of it during the editing process. After I cut my epic novel down to an opening paragraph, I really have something to work with.

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    • That’s smart. I think you’re right -focusing on it and chasing it down is the best way to make creative energy to flee. I like your idea of talking with people – I’m a social creature, so any excuse to chat with people is a good one for me!! Thanks. 🙂

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