Read a Romance Month

The steamy month of August also happens to be Read a Romance Month.  Yep, consider this a mid-month reminder or a call to read one for the very first time. 🙂

Was that an eye-roll I sensed from some of you readers? I’m sure it was.  Why?  Because romance is one of the most shat-upon genres.

Romance readers have had to deal with a lot of trash talk about their genre – especially those who are open about their reading preferences or proudly display those amusing covers in public.  I’ve heard my share of trash talk in my day, some of my favorites:

  • You read romance? I thought you were smarter than that…
  • Oh…but, I thought you were a feminist?

Or when people find out that I write them:

  • are you writing the next 50 Shades of Grey?
  • Can you write about me?

Let me just be clear – you can be smart, feminist, and of any sexual orientation and enjoy romance novels.  As for the questions for authors…well, everyone has their own answers to those.

So, in honor of the steamy month of August, treat yourself or challenge yourself to try something new and pick up a romance novel.  There’s a sub-genre for every interest you might have.  Do you like art? There are tons of romances involving painters, appraisers, sculptors, etc.  Do you like murder mysteries?  There are all kinds of excellent romance murder mysteries (check out some of the darker stuff by Nora Roberts, Linda Howard, or Sandra Brown).  Do you like holidays, cooking, or knitting?  Friend, we’ve got you covered.  Do you like history?  Bitch please, you KNOW there are historical romances.  Just check out your local library, Amazon, or bookstore and discover something new.

And hey, take a picture with you new romance novel find…then post it on Instagram to prove that loving some romance is no crime. 🙂

Here’s one I took with a bunch of free (FREEEEE!) used romance novels that someone gave me.

Clearly, I love romance novels and here are some of my personal favorites, if you’d like some recommendations:

  • It happened one autumn – historical and sassy dialogue
  • The hating game or Wallbanger – because I have a soft spot for heroes/heroines who start off not liking each other…
  • Eligible – an update on Pride & Prejudice
  • Just about anything written by my favorites Nora Roberts, Courtney Milan, Lisa Kleypas, and Julie James

Read one….or read like 5 in one week, because you’re gluttonous like me.  Either way, enjoy!


4 thoughts on “Read a Romance Month”

  1. I’m going to just take this opportunity to out myself. I read romance novels from all periods in history. I try to write even though I suck at it. I figure I’ll never get better if I constrain my reading to a single genre or category. It just so happens that I love to read. That helps a lot. Recently, I had to sell our family house that we had for 93 years and six generations. Every generation loved reading and the house was a library. I brought home over a hundred books written from the mid 1800’s to present. Yes, you guessed it. My great grandmother, grandmother, mother, and sisters read romance novels from their generation. I’ll read every one of them. And why not? I’m not afraid. 😉

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    1. AWESOME!!! I’m so glad that you read them and that you’re open about reading them writing them. Yay! I think that the trick to being a good writer (and an adventurous reader) is to read a lot of different genres – even better if you enjoy more than one type. 🙂

      I’m jealous of your library as well. I’ve been culminating one of my own for awhile and need to try to find a gloriously large bookshelf to store all my “to be reads” and those I’ve already read.

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      1. Thank you Leesha! 😊 I know a lot of people that limit themselves and that’s okay. There is a huge literary world out there and I want to explore as much of it as possible. I feel your pain when it comes to having enough shelf space for all the books. On the bright side, it’s like an Easter Egg hunt sometimes to find that one book that I know is around here somewhere waiting for a good reading. 😆📚

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