Quotable Thursday – kindness

I often pick Thursdays to showcase quotes that I love or that I’ve been thinking about.  Today, I’m picking a quote on kindness, which seems to be underrated lately.

“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.” -Aesop

I’ve been thinking about kindness a lot lately.  Not only in the recent political battles here in the U.S. and happenings on a global scale, but also in day to day life in our own local communities.  Where has kindness gone?

Kindness, in some people’s minds is seen as a sign of weakness.  Kindness given to strangers, unkind people, or people we don’t like is often viewed as wasted.  But it’s not.  Any act of kindness is worthwhile.  Even small, simple actions can help to brighten someone’s day or bolster someone when they need it most.  People who you disagree with, people who are different than you, nice people, friendly people, neighborhood grumps, and office cranky-pantsers – all of these people deserve kindness, after all, they are all people.

So be kind today, you never know who might need it.



29 thoughts on “Quotable Thursday – kindness”

  1. I agree. It is much easier to be kind than disagreeable. I’m always impressed with people that have good manners and social grace in less than ideal situations. Simple acts of kindness extended one to another can make a positive change in our lives.

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      1. LOL! I had a panic attack when I saw the frownie face at the end. I knew I instantly had offended you somehow. When my brain, fingers, and keyboard get together anything can happen, and often does. 😀

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      2. Whew! I blame everything on my smart phone’s auto-incorrect. That way I never have to admit my own mistakes and my self esteem remains well enough for me to mow my grass without constantly looking down. 😆

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      3. Autocorrect has provided me some of my most enjoyable conversations. Who knew nonsense could be so entertaining (for the recipient). Definitely some deviousness is programmed into every smartphone 😳📱😂

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      4. LOL! You’ve given me the idea to start saving my auto-correct’s evil deeds in a journal. That should be entertaining later on. Hmmmm, maybe a short story where all the dialog is between two smartphones and all the calamity that’s created by them would have a ring of authenticity to it. 😉

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      5. I got my first one today. It was a group message that read, “where R U?” then everyone on the group bombarded the sender with various renditions of, “who are you asking?” The reply “U” then “But who” Then “Who R U” and “me or them?” I quit reading after that. I was afraid I’d laugh myself into an aneurysm. I’m sure my phone’s memory gagged before it was done. 😀

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      6. lol. Group text messages are always interesting. What’s weird too is that you can never officially leave one, as long as someone in the group has the original thread. It’s too bad you can’t select to exit the group or anything. Or maybe you can now, and I haven’t figured it out yet. 😛

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      7. Oh yes! wait until someone in the group finds the message later and wants to reply. Oh dear, here we go again. And my notification bell goes nuts -bing, bing, bing and then that last sound is my phone’s muffled cries as I stuff it in a drawer. I turn the sleep button on and then it vibrates and makes even more racket. I get such weird looks when that thing buzzes in my pocket.

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      8. Oh, I am so glad my current work doesn’t require any travel. Not even my smartphone can save me. I worked in a building that didn’t allow any electronic devices so all phones were kept in a locker room like a post office box. Nobody would put their phones on silence mode and that room was chaos with all the phones ringing all day long. With 1500 people in the building it was probably picked up by the orbiting space station, (NASA HQ is next door) “Ground control this is Space Station, can you shut those phones off, we can’t sleep up here…” If only the world knew. 😀

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      9. Thankfully, I don’t work there anymore. My current job is in a small building isolated from throngs of humankind in a beautiful setting. Strangely enough, all my coworkers are brilliant and witty introverts. We are allowed to have our phones and because the job attracts brilliant and witty introverts, we gather in a group and text each other brilliant and witty jokes. So, picture people standing in a group in the hall looking at their phones and laughing like hyenas. I love my job. 😂

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      10. I feel very lucky, Leesha. I actually enjoy Mondays although it takes more coffee to get started. I also have a little group that takes a 1.5 mile walk at sunrise each day. We show up early and do our walk then go to work. One of the girls in our little group is an aerospace engineer and she just got back from a shark dive. So imagine walking in the countryside on a government installation at sunrise where a young lady of about 5′ and 100 pounds describes diving down 100 feet to a huge group of circling sharks to have a little communion with nature. Egads! Sharks! She laughed when I told her I preferred dragonflies and lots of air. 😀

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      11. It sounds like you are very lucky and have found a really great group of people to work with. And even better that you walk together in the morning! You make it sound so lovely and harmonious (even with tales of scary shark diving). 🙂

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  2. It is so true you never know what someone is going through! Especially with everything going on right now it’s so important that we are kind to one another.

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