Nerd Problem #3 – Fangirl Bruise

I’m a nerd, it’s true.  A nerd for graphic novels and comics, novels, and art…

And there seem to be a fair number of archers in my nerd zones lately.

There’s The Arrow, Oliver Queen in full crime fighting mode, with his love of hoodies and urgent whispers:

I mean, who doesn’t love a brooding hero who does most of his crime-fighting prep work without a shirt? But I digress..

There’s Katniss, a near goddess with the arrow and hunting, and questioner of evil authority figures –

And there are statues of goddesses with fierce aim –

So, as the nerd signs seemed to point in that direction, I decided to try my hand at archery.  I even got the fierce stare down and managed to hit the bullseye multiple times.

That picture is less imposing than the other pictures, I know, but I think that the photo filter makes me a little edgier than usual.

And then I promptly realized why many archer characters have long sleeves (or aren’t nearly double jointed like me, who has a piece of arm that juts out just enough that the bow-string repeatedly whacks the area or scrapes along the skin)…

Ouch. We’re calling this one a fangirl bruise.

Next time, this fangirl is going to get some full arm protection (I only had half arm protection in the past) before I get my archery on.  And don’t worry – only bullseyes and balloons (and no animals) were harmed in this fangirl-ing.


8 thoughts on “Nerd Problem #3 – Fangirl Bruise

  1. Awesome! Lefties are totally Kool. 😀 This may not feel right to you at first, but rotate your bow arm until your elbow is pointed outward. This rotates your arm out of the way and you’ll never have a bowstring hit your arm again. You are destined for greatness. No bruise is going to stop your ascent beside the Goddess Artemis who the Romans called Diana. Forget Robin Hood. Katniss Who? Leesha is on the field. You’ve chosen a noble sport nearly as old as homo sapiens. Respect to the Archeress!

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    • Heeheee. 😄 thanks for the tip!! I started bending my bow arm slightly and was able to hit bulls eyes without also hitting my arm but I’ll definitely try out the rotating method. I had a great time with archery and think I might have found a new hobby and am thinking of getting a bow. Any recommendations?

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      • High Five! If you are hitting the bullseye now that means you are a natural for instinctive shooting which is the hardest skill for most people to achieve. If you like the compound bows which are like the one in the picture, choose a target model since you don’t plan to hunt and don’t need the heavy draw weight. The Recurves are the traditional style bow. They aren’t cheap but there is very little to fuss with, just loads of fun. Go to a place that can custom fit a bow to your personal physical measurements and make arrows for your length of pull and bow weight. Don’t buy a lot of arrows at first because as your skill and strength increases you may need some adjustments in your arrow length. These custom fittings mean you will enjoy the sport more because it helps develop better accuracy. Everything is fit to you instead of Ms. Everygirl. You may find a wide range of prices so look until you can get something that you will be happy to shoot at a price you can afford. Don’t settle for less than what you want. This will ensure you stay in the sport instead of loosing interest because your gear doesn’t make you smile so hard your face hurts. Good luck, Leesha! Mega-respect from the Dragons 😀

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      • Thank you so much!! I don’t know anyone who is into archery so your tips and advice are so helpful. I love the idea of the traditional style and the more simple compound bows. I stopped by a shop and was so surprised at how complicated bows can get and all the add-ons you can get. I’d like to stay simple at first and then, get technical down the road if I want. And the number of bows is a great tip too – and it makes sense, the more I do it, the more adjustments I’ll probably need to do. Thanks again for all your tips! Now I’m ready to go and get some gear!😄

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      • You are most definitely thinking the right way about it. Start simple and practice good form and technique. Don’t worry too much about always hitting the bullseye. You want to shoot consistently and that comes with practice. When you feel you are ready to add more bells and whistles, you’ll have a better idea about what you really need/want. Challenge yourself, but always remember to have fun first. I hope to read more about your love of archery. Personally, I think you got the magic touch, now all you have to do is hone your skills and increase your depth of knowledge. That only happens if arrows are flying down range. 😀

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      • 🙂 thanks! Even if I don’t have the magic touch, it was still fun to do it, as my inner nerd was channeling the old hunters of yore, comic/book heroes and heroines.. 🙂 And I promise to update you on my progress and adventures. 🙂

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      • Ah, my inner nerd feels the same and my head elves rejoice when I connect with the warrior spirit. I could ramble on forever but that would not be good manners. I do hope you enjoy this noble sport for a long time. 🤓

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