6 thoughts on “I just can’t…”

  1. An open honest and uplifting post, Leesha. I think we all have those feelings. Some are better at masking it from themselves and others. Many times I felt the same as you describe and still do. I learned out of necessity that I can accomplish anything I set my mind to while my head elves scream out that I can’t. I simply pushed ahead, learned my lessons from failure and success, and let the head elves scream themselves hoarse while I kept moving. I won’t say it’s easy, just possible.

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    1. Thanks I think that your comment is very honest and as you’ve said, there are those that hide these feelings. So maybe admitting it makes us a little brave. 🙂 and it’s wonderful that you’re able to push through the self doubt. I think I do a fairly good job as well, though it’s harder some days than others.

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