Battle of the Bastards

Nope, that title is not a nod to the current state of many political battles, it’s about the latest installment of Game of Thrones Season 6 – Episode 9.  There are spoilers below, so if you don’t want to be spoiled, stop reading now….

Recap – Many of the last few episodes were set up chapters – moving the characters along and moving the story along, but at a pace that recent fans who binge-watched the whole series earlier this year (me) found slow.  Writers, why must you tease!

Until episode 9.  And boom, we learn a lesson that should be added to the top of the life lessons for GoT: always remember to feed and care for your pets.

Thanks for the public service announcement, Ramsay.

I could summarize the events of the episode for you, but really, I want to talk about how the #1 hated character on the show (at least for the last few seasons) died.

Done in by his starving dogs – animals he used as a means to kill, hunt, and terrify people – at the hand of the woman he raped, abused, and tried to break.

And her walk away from it was my favorite part of the whole episode, as just a hint of a smile twitched at her lips (and she practically strutted).  Ah GoT revenge, you are so sweet.

I’m all for it.  And I’m glad Sansa got her revenge (as many of us hoped she would). But…the killing by the dogs. <sigh> As a writer, I get it.  Really, I do.  The neat and tidy wrap-up, the symmetry in the story, the “master” being killed by his instruments of torture, perhaps even a statement of the limits of loyalty even by the most loyal beings in the world..all of that are not lost on me.


I would have almost rather seen Sansa get her hands dirty on this one.  Granted, her hands aren’t all that clean, she did release the dogs and she did stay and watch the beginnings of Ramsay’s demise.  But, and maybe it’s because I’m used to Arya’s hands-on approach, I would have liked to see Sansa do the complete dirty work.  It would have helped bolster the story of Sansa taking charge of her destiny, taking care of things herself, and her growing power.  Or maybe she’s taking after her mentor (and the devil she recently made a deal with) – getting rid of people without doing any of the nasty bits herself…

What say you, fellow fans?


8 thoughts on “Battle of the Bastards”

  1. Given that Bolton was a complete slimeweasel who used those dogs to hunt down and kill people–mostly women–and even had them rape his wife in the books, letting him get turned into Doggie Chow was poetic justice. Sansa’s crowning glory is letting Ramsey know she was going to wipe him from memory, and that nothing of him would remain. I’d say she got her revenge, and she did it like a true leader by delegating the getting rid of enemies stuff. Just like The Joker said, “Let’s see just how loyal a hungry dog really is.” Answer: not very.

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      1. If I had to guess, I’d say it’s going to be one of the Lannister twins (I say Jaime will be killed by Cersei, while a friend things Cersei will get it), and I’m guessing Ser Davos is gonna find a certain red witch and put a sword through her heart.

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      2. Not sure if Jon will let Davos kill the red woman, but I do think Jaime and/or Cersei are not long for the series. I’m wondering if Cersei will try to use wildfire at her trial and inadvertently kill a whole bunch of people…including her son.


      3. You mean Chekhov’s Wildfire, since it’s only come up like every episode, so that’s a dead giveaway King’s Landing is about to have a really big barbecue. I’m guessing there’s going to be some spectacular CGI for “The Winds of Winter”.

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      4. Yes! And there will be a large number of people there – including all of the high sparrow’s followers. I see no other way for Cersei to really get her get out of jail free card. And if the King does, that’ll complete the witch’s prediction of all three of Cersei’s children dying before her, in shrouds of gold.


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