Hold the Door

<Game of Thrones spoilers below, you’ve been warned>

Ahead of tonight’s episode of Game of Thrones, let’s briefly review what happened last time:

  • Sansa tells off Little Finger (yay!  Queen of the North!)
  • Sansa and Jon are leaving Castle Black, with new threads Sansa made (you work that needle point, girl)
  • Tormund Giantsbane is smitten like a kitten (and we love it)
  • Arya gets an assignment from the faceless men
  • Renaissance ice zombies are on the move
  • Bran’s direwolf dies
  • We find out Bran-muffin and his time travel are the reason Hodor says Hodor 😦

Speaking of which, we also add to our GoT life lessons:  always try to hold the door, it is after all, the polite thing to do.

Theories and questions for the next few episodes:

  • 2 direwolves (Ghost and Nymeria) are still alive.  Please George R.R., no more direwolf deaths
  • Will Arya be able to complete her mission?  I say 50-50 odds.  But wouldn’t it be neat if Nymeria shows up and her appearance helps Arya decide if she really wants to be a faceless man?  If not now, I’m hoping Nymeria shows up at some point, it would make Arya’s story arc even more interesting.
  • Bri-mund amusement to continue.  And why not?  It’s our much needed glimmer of giggles and comic relief in the stark landscape of GoT (points to me on the pun).
  • Bran-muffin will discover the truth of Jon’s parentage (though I’m guessing this won’t happen until close to the end of the season)
  • Sansa and Jon aim to unite houses of the North under their banner – I think Little Finger and the Knights of the Vale will meet them at Riverrun to join forces.
  • Oh and King’s landing – are we going to see the takedown of the barefoot creeper known as the High Sparrow?  I certainly hope so.

Just a few more hours to go until the next installment of Game of Thrones.  Are you ready?


6 thoughts on “Hold the Door”

      1. Agreed. Also the harming of someone who isn’t as bad as some of the characters we’ve seen before, will also cause a bit of a struggle. Should be interesting. I’m still hoping her direwolf shows up though.

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