Take a chance

I’ve always loved music, sayings, and quotes.  They have that unique ability to impart thoughts and feelings with a memorable punch.

This week’s quote is one I’ve come across recently –

“So many people are shut up tight inside themselves like boxes, yet they would open up, unfolding quite wonderfully, if only you were interested in them.” – Sylvia Plath

There are many things I’ve learned over the last year or so and one of the most important is simply this – give people a chance and appreciate others.  There are hidden depths to people – granted some of it can be bad, but some of it can be really good and friendships can spring in the most unlikely of places.

I’ve always been an open person, and since my divorce, I’ve really pushed myself to give people a chance (alas, sometimes divorces can give you trust and self-worth issues).  There are two people in particular who I’ve come across since my divorce and my initial feelings were to stay away…that nothing good would come out of knowing them.  But – in both cases – I’ve been surprised by these new relationships, and definitely for the better.

So , don’t be afraid to get out there and give people a chance…you never know who you’ll meet and what new things you’ll discover.  🙂


It’s all about the accessories (GOT 6.1 Review)

Last night was the much-anticipated release of Season 6 of Game of Thrones and the show’s writers updated us on the many storylines, which didn’t really help to advance the plot on any of them, as a lot of the characters are more or less where we left them.  To recap:

  1. Arya is still blind (for now).
  2. Margaery is still in prison (for now). Sidenote: Did anyone else get a weird lecherous vibe off of the high sparrow when he visited her?
  3. Daenerys is still in need of rescuing and Jorah and Daario are still looking for her (again, for now).
  4. Cersei still hasn’t exacted her revenge (say it with me, “for now”).
  5. And Jon is still dead (please please please, only for now).

<Sigh>  And it seemed like this episode was really short.  But, we do still have a GoT inspired knowledge to add to our lessons learned pile:

I mean, really, they can.  Who knew that a necklace could offset a cloak so well?

Predictions (because, why not? Everyone else has one.)

  • Arya will get her vision back – because, duh. And also because the red woman alluded to it a few seasons ago when they met.
  • Lady Mel will bring Jon Snow back (because otherwise, I will cry).  But I’m guessing it won’t be for a few episodes yet. 
  • Sansa is going to amass an army of sorts and storm Winterfell (is it too much to hope that she or Theon gets to kill Ramsay?).
  • The house of widows & Daenerys – I’m hoping she can free those ladies. And that some of them are witty – not lame and depressing.
  • Jaime Lannister might die. I know, I know. But I feel like I need a crazy one in here. And also, now that most things/people keeping he and Cersei apart have been removed…I feel like that story arc may get kind of boring.
  • Winter is coming – I mean, they keep saying it, so it’s bound to happen at sometime.  Maybe this season’s finale will have the white walkers approaching Castle Black. 

Also, for giant foodie nerds like me – you can nosh on Game of Thrones inspired foods whilst watching the new season.  I tried out some delicious carb options that I found from the Google machine 🙂  and I highly recommend them –

  • Bread and salt – be sure to start this a few hours before you’re ready to watch as the dough has to rise a few times before putting it in the oven.
  • Honeycakes – which I’ve officially nicknamed Sansa-Cakes, since she liked them so much last season and they’re seriously a show stealer (as she’s likely to be this season). 


Until being strong is the only choice you have

As a writer, I’ve always believed in the magic of words and as a reader, I’ve often felt their power.  Stories and songs have that amazing ability to break through barriers and – teach, show, remind, and reach us.  Quotes can be the distilled form of that magic – few words, with a powerful punch.

One of my favorite quotes is one I’ve found myself turning to many times over the last few years – “you never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have.

And it’s true.

Exactly two years ago was the worst day of my life…

It was the day I discovered my ex was living a double life.

It felt like the rug had been pulled out from under me and I found myself over a yawning pit, struggling to make sense of the truth I’d learned.

It was a day that set my world on fire.

There were many painful days to come – of sorting through the hurt and taking a step back to see that relationship was more toxic than I’d realized and dangerous to my mental health.

But it was also the day I left.

And it was the day that I started to rebuild my life.  It took strength to leave – as it always does – and it took strength to pull myself up and put the pieces of myself back together.  Strength my ex (and even I) didn’t know that I had.

Exactly two years ago was the worst day of my life…Wait, that’s really not true.  It was a terrible day.  A fucking shitty day and it probably turned at least a few of the hairs on my head gray.

BUT, I mark it as my independence day, my anniversary to myself, a reminder of how strong I am and what I can overcome.

And you know what?  My life is so much better now.  I’m healthier, stronger, smarter, more confident, and have more than a little bad-assery in me.  I don’t regret that day or wish it didn’t happen.  It gave me scars but it didn’t break me, it set me free.

And (this is important) – if I can do it, so can you.  Push through that struggle and sucker-punch that shitty day in the face.  Show the world what you’re made of and that this pain can’t break you…that you’ll get past it and emerge stronger and wiser than before.

And when in doubt – repeat to yourself:

For the watch(ers)


Game of Thrones is just a few days away.  And what better way to celebrate the upcoming new episodes then to review important life lessons it has imparted to its viewers…

#1.  Don’t go to your ex’s wedding…

They’ll either throw daggers at you (hopefully only with their eyes)

or rant that you ruined your ex’s life.

#2.  Don’t trust religious fanatics.  Even when they’re on your side, the still want to burn your daughter or shame <shame!> you.

#3.  Don’t trust people who have taken a vow of celibacy either.  All that pent up frustration will be your undoing.

#4. Listen to your mother…

or you’ll inadvertently cause a string of events that will kill 85% of your family. (Thanks, George R.R. Martin for the ultimate mom guilt trip.)

#5. And finally, things aren’t always what they seem. 

I mean, you thought you were watching a drama about a power struggle, somewhat based off of the War of Roses…

And then suddenly, you realize that you’re essentially watching a Renaissance  zombie show.

Only a few more days to go for the next season!  Let the count down begin!

Office worker confessions – Food

Ah yes, food in the workplace, such a joyous thing. I’m not talking about the kind of food you bring in a bag from home or what you purchase from the vending machine. I’m talking about the free stuff…the stuff that turns us into vultures in business casual.


Source: Pixabay & Wordswag app

Food! Glorious food! 🙂

Anyway, it seems as though there are three kinds of free office food scenarios:

  1. Your meeting food – You’re attending a meeting that’s either painfully early in the morning or one that stretches through lunch and therefore, you have won the privilege of free food.  Score!
  2. Not your meeting food – You’re not in a meeting, but someone is.  Now, you can be one of two people:
    •  Sneaky lunch stealer  – you lurk outside of meetings and swoop in to get your free lunch or perhaps you boldly pretend you belong before sneaking off with your prize.  Oh sneaky lunch stealer, you are a bold and beautiful beast of the office world.  Just be careful though, we’re all on to you and unless you bring the rest of us meeting cookies, we just might tell.
    • Left-over luncher:  What’s that congealed mass of meat-like product? What meeting was it from?  Was it from yesterday or today?  It doesn’t matter!  The microwave is your friend (I hope).  So fill up that paper plate and go to town, my friend.  But hurry up, the rest of the office heard there’s free leftover food and it’ll only be moments before the rest of the masses descend.
  3. One of your coworkers brought in food: You fall into one of these categories-
    • You brought the goodies – Yay! We thank you, patron saint of all those who get the 10 am or 2 pm cravings.  We love you and your delicious goodies.
    • You are an eater – You squeal with delight with free goodies and thank the person who brought them, hopefully not with your mouth overflowing with said treats.
    • You’re a vocal dieter or a hater – You complain about the free goodies and/or never say thank you.  If this is you, then you sir, YOU stink.  I don’t care if you’re on a diet or decry the use of “thanks.”  Either don’t partake (quietly, preferably) or say thanks.  Why the finger wagging?  Well, you trolls are the reason the goodie-bringers stop bringing goodies.  So be nice and don’t complain when someone brings in free and delicious treats.  Otherwise, you’ll get some serious side-eye and stank-face from the rest of us (and trust me, it’s well deserved).