Office worker confessions – mentoring

Office worker confession – we have to work on mentoring younger employees, not being afraid of them – their youth and potential (including the fear that they may leap frog over us for the next promotion). So many companies “eat their young,” instead of mentoring them and letting them in on those office secrets we’ve gleaned along the way. 

We need to extend our hands down to lift people up, let others benefit from our knowledge…but at the same time, try not to lecture.  Because the only way this is going to get better is if we are instrumental in the change. 

Happy Monday 😉



5 thoughts on “Office worker confessions – mentoring”

    1. Good for you! You’re rare in the office world. Many people are weary of new people, of change, or of essentially training their successor. It’s sad. Or sometimes the thought process is – I’ve suffered to get this far, so you should too. Which is not helpful at all, or a healthy mindset.

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