Solid foundation

A powerful quote for you today – on building, or more accurately, rebuilding your life from one of my favorite authors:

Rock bottom became the solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life. – JK Rowling

photo credit: @prolixme

I feel like that’s so powerful, it deserves a second picture quote with my new Hermione action figure .(That’s right, I have a Hermione doll and I took her outside to pose her on rocks for this quote.  But are you actually surprised by this? 🙂  )

photo credit: @prolixme

Boom, done.

Now we have double picture quote power and hopefully, that drives home the message of Resilience (yep with a capital R).

There will be times when life kicks you right in the teeth, I can promise you this.  Sometimes it will surprise you and other times, you’ll see it coming and still take that sucker punch.  You’ll want to scream, cry, and give up.  Scream and cry, if you must.  I do sometimes and it can make me feel better (I usually try to remember to roll up my car windows before I scream, but hey…no one’s perfect 😉 ).

But don’t give up – not on the things that truly matter.  Rebuild.

Rebuild exactly where you are, there’s no better place.  Take the lessons learned from past mistakes, as they will help create a strong and solid foundation for anything you decide to pursue.

This quote was one of my mantras when I went through one of the hardest times of my life – a messy divorce and the fallout after that extremely unhealthy relationship.  I’d look at the quote when I needed reassurance that my life could be rebuilt and that I was the architect of my own life, my own future.  I could have stayed on my couch crying, but I didn’t.  I rebuilt my life and have come through the other side of that darkness stronger than ever.

And if I can rebuild, you can do it too.  There’s magic in this world to help you…and it’s already where it belongs – inside of you. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Solid foundation”

  1. I always appreciate your sunny disposition and positive attitude. It shines through in your writing. The best part is you set an example with your candid and open dialog about your own struggle. It’s always a pleasure when I have a chance to drop by.

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