A graphic graphic novel review 

First, I should like to give a warning to people who read this blog who don’t like graphic content, knew me as a child, or birthed me (Mom, this clearly means you)…you don’t want to read this review.

Is everyone else still with me? Okay!

Sex Criminals – Volume 1, is a graphic, graphic novel (see what I did there? cleverness!) with excellent dirty jokes and all around fun shenanigans.  One of my favorite bits, which caused me to breakout into giggles, was a scene with post-it notes over the lyrics to my favorite Queen song, due to copyright issues and lawyers. 🙂


Suzie can make time stop when she has sex.  It’s rather lonely, until she meets Jon, who can do the same thing…

<Mom – seriously, stop reading.>

So what are two people to do when they can freeze time?  Act as modern day Robin Hoods, of course.

<MO-THER: please, stop reading…I don’t want to have awkward conversations about sex and responsibility later.>

Anyway…Suzie is on a mission to save the local library (or at the very least, the books) from being closed by the bank.  Jon, disillusioned and plant-pooping (it’s a long story) bank employee, wants to liberate funds to save the library.

But, more than just Suzie and Jon can freeze time.  And their Robin Hooding activity has  caught the attention of the others.

5 out of 5 stars for this fun and bawdy graphic novel.  I especially enjoyed the recap of past lovers and the awkwardness of teenage years (including those awkward questions we all had).

<Mom – I’ll know when you read this, because I’ll get a lecture after…Unless of course, you read it and then never lecture me.  It’ll be like your own little secret, and I’ll never know. :p  No? hmm, it was worth a try.>

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