On those we’ve lost

Every leap day brings a reminder of my eighth grade year and the day when a dear friend of mine killed himself.

It’s never easy when someone we love is taken from us.  The finality of the loss, the ache of what might have been can bring you to your knees.

But the ones that we love never truly leave us.  They live on within us – in our memories and in our hearts, always.

If there ever comes a day when we can be together, keep me in your heart.  I’ll stay there forever. -A.A. Milne

To J.R. – I’ll always keep you in my heart.


Office worker confessions – mentoring

Office worker confession – we have to work on mentoring younger employees, not being afraid of them – their youth and potential (including the fear that they may leap frog over us for the next promotion). So many companies “eat their young,” instead of mentoring them and letting them in on those office secrets we’ve gleaned along the way. 

We need to extend our hands down to lift people up, let others benefit from our knowledge…but at the same time, try not to lecture.  Because the only way this is going to get better is if we are instrumental in the change. 

Happy Monday ūüėČ


Solid foundation

A powerful quote for you today – on building, or more accurately, rebuilding your life from one of my favorite authors:

Rock bottom became the solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life. – JK Rowling

photo credit: @prolixme

I feel like that’s so powerful, it deserves a second picture quote with my new Hermione action figure .(That’s right, I have a Hermione doll and I took her¬†outside to pose her on rocks for this quote. ¬†But are you actually surprised by this? ūüôā ¬†)

photo credit: @prolixme

Boom, done.

Now we have double picture quote power and hopefully, that drives home the message of Resilience (yep with a capital R).

There will be times when life¬†kicks you right in the¬†teeth, I can promise you this. ¬†Sometimes it will surprise you and other times, you’ll see it coming and still take that sucker punch. ¬†You’ll want to scream, cry, and give up. ¬†Scream and cry, if you must. ¬†I do sometimes and it can make¬†me feel better (I¬†usually try to remember to roll up my car windows before I scream, but hey…no one’s perfect ūüėČ ).

But don’t give up – not on the things that truly matter. ¬†Rebuild.

Rebuild exactly where you are, there’s no better place. ¬†Take the lessons learned from past mistakes, as they¬†will help create a strong and solid foundation for anything you decide to pursue.

This quote was one of my mantras when I went¬†through one of the hardest times of my life – a messy divorce and the fallout after that¬†extremely unhealthy relationship. ¬†I’d look at the quote when I needed reassurance that my life could be rebuilt and that I was the architect of my own life, my own future. ¬†I could have stayed on my couch crying, but I didn’t. ¬†I rebuilt my life and have come through the other side of that darkness stronger than ever.

And if I can rebuild, you can do it too. ¬†There’s magic in this world to help you…and it’s already where it belongs – inside of you. ūüôā

Gone awry

Have you ever felt like your life was supposed to be different than this?

Well, you’re not alone. ¬†When I was in college, I had a plan – I’d get married in my mid-twenties, have a job that made a difference in the world/that helped people, ¬†first baby by 28, traditionally published novel at 30, house at 33, MBA at 36, and blissful¬†family, writing, working life in all of the years to follow. (Yeah, I know my list¬†was a little stacked. ¬†Sometimes I think my super hero name should have been optimist-prime.)

Well,¬†you know what they say about the¬†plans of mice and men…

Yep, sometimes they get all fucked up. I’m paraphrasing, of course.

But what should you do when your life goes off the rails?

#1 Reflect – or as I like to call it: freak out or mope for a little while and get it out of your system.

Whenever something bad happens, I generally allow myself a little while to sit and be sad. ¬†It helps to mope, but I try to place a time limit on it so that I can move past the mope cycle and on to the next stage. ¬†Otherwise, I’d get stuck in the endless mope cycle. ¬†And who wants that?

#2 Rebuild the track – or figuring out where you want to go or what you want to do.

I’m calling it the track here and not the destination because, honestly, who the hell knows what exactly they want to do with their life? ¬†(And if you do know, hush your face. ¬†You’ve won, alright? And the rest of us are jealous.) ¬†Anyway, even if you don’t know where you want to end up, with some time you can probably figure out what you want your next step to be.

So, if you want to get published traditionally Рstart looking for an agent or a new editor to help you on your way.  Work on that query letter (and then please motivate me to do the same, as those things are tricky minxes).

#3 Rebuild the train – pick yourself up and get your shit together, darlin.

Seek ways to motivate yourself – images of the end goal, picture quotes (I’m so guilty of this one), and positive reinforcement. ¬†If there’s someone in your life that likes to shit-storm on your parade, push¬†them out of your inner circle. ¬†If you can’t push them out, then start singing Taylor Swift in your head (“Haters gonna hate, hate, hate”). ¬†Actually, fuck those clowns – sing Taylor Swift¬†out-loud.

#4 Rinse and Repeat, because let’s face it – this isn’t the last time that things won’t go 100% your way. ¬†That’s life, it’s up to you how you deal with it.

Deadpool Review


I’m fairly new to the Deadpool fandom and in fact, didn’t realize that the anti-hero existed until about a year and a half ago. ¬†Shortly after that, it seemed like the marketing machine of Hollywood started churning out t-shirts and teaser trailers for the smart-assed hero, who often breaks the fourth wall.

Side note: For those of you who don’t know, the fourth wall refers to the wall between the audience and the story/movie/play. ¬†Breaking the fourth wall is¬†when a character addresses the¬†audience directly. ¬†In Deadpool’s case, it’s mostly¬†with what I like to call¬†smart-assery.


Smart-assed and crazy but lovable anti-hero seeks revenge on the man who disfigured him and kidnapped his girlfriend.  Hilarity to ensue.


There were so many parts of Deadpool that I enjoyed Рthe music, the asides to the audience, the dirty humor, the smart-assed dialogue, and the story itself.

Side note: One line that had me and the rest of the audience erupt into laughter – “Happy International Women’s Day.” ¬†heeheehee ¬†ūüôā

But, but, but – if you like the typical hero (sparkly pure and without a naughty¬†mouth or deliciously dirty jokes), then you probably shouldn’t see it. ¬†I like movies with complex characters, especially ones that spew¬†dirty jokes and witty banter….actually, come to think about it, I like people like that too. ¬†ūüôā¬†But if you are offended by dirty jokes, a fair amount of blood, and Ryan Reynold’s bare ass, this probably isn’t the movie for you.

As for me…I think it’s safe to say that when the movie comes out on DVD, I’m buying it.

Five out of five stars for this smart mouthed anti-hero.


…And happy International Women’s Day, boys. ūüėČ

Quotable Thursdays – Be so good…

Life is a bit of bitch sometimes, isn’t it?

I mean, you have these dreams Рsome are ridiculously big (like being interviewed on the Today show, preferably by Savannah Guthrie, for your breakout novel) and some are small (like getting through a Monday morning without banging your head on your desk).  And then you have life, which sometimes seems hell-bent on arm wrestling you for even small victories.

So what’s a girl to do?¬† (Or a guy.¬†Don’t fret,¬†I’d never leave y’all out.)

Kick some ass, that’s what.

That’s why I love this quote by Steve¬†Martin¬†– “Be so good, they can’t ignore you.”


So go out there and kick some ass, take some names, and make even the wildest of your ridiculously big dreams come true.¬†ūüôā

A graphic graphic novel review 

First, I should like to give a warning to people who read this blog who don’t like graphic content, knew me as a child, or birthed me (Mom, this clearly means you)…you don’t want to read this review.

Is everyone else still with me? Okay!

Sex Criminals – Volume 1, is a graphic, graphic novel (see what I did there? cleverness!) with excellent dirty jokes and all around fun shenanigans. ¬†One of my favorite bits, which caused me to breakout into giggles, was a scene with¬†post-it notes over the lyrics¬†to my favorite Queen song, due to copyright issues and lawyers. ūüôā


Suzie can make time stop when she has sex. ¬†It’s rather lonely, until she meets Jon, who can do the same thing…

<Mom – seriously, stop reading.>

So what are two people to do when they can freeze time?  Act as modern day Robin Hoods, of course.

<MO-THER: please, stop reading…I don’t want to have awkward conversations about sex¬†and¬†responsibility later.>

Anyway…Suzie is on a mission to save the local library (or at the very least, the books) from being closed by the bank. ¬†Jon, disillusioned and plant-pooping (it’s a long story) bank employee, wants to liberate funds to save the library.

But, more than just Suzie and Jon can freeze time.  And their Robin Hooding activity has  caught the attention of the others.

5 out of 5 stars for this fun and bawdy graphic novel.  I especially enjoyed the recap of past lovers and the awkwardness of teenage years (including those awkward questions we all had).

<Mom – I’ll know when you read this, because I’ll get a¬†lecture after…Unless of course, you read it and then never lecture me. ¬†It’ll be like your own little secret, and I’ll never know. :p ¬†No? hmm, it was worth a try.>

Office worker confessional – meeting cookies

Office worker confession #4 – We want cookies at meetings

Yes. ¬†We do. ¬†And I’m not joking.

Why? Why, you ask? ¬†I’m not even sure why you’d have to ask…it’s because cookies help us¬†focus.

It’s true, 9 out of 10 office workers agree that cookies improve productivity. <Don’t pay attention to that 10th worker, for whatever reason they hate on everything.>

So put out that cookie tray at 1¬†pm during our long ass office meeting…and then again at 3 pm, because – it’s just the right thing to do.

until it’s done – quote day 3

 Sometimes, when a task is before us – the magnitude of what we’ve yet to accomplish can be daunting as deadlines seem to stretch far past the horizon.  I hate that feeling.   If you let it, that anxiety could surround you until you drown. 

But don’t let it. You are the master of how you perceive the world and any challenge that you face. Take a deep breath and remember, “it always seems impossible until it’s done.”  And I’d argue that once it’s done, you’ll smile and realize it couldn’t have been any other way. ūüôā  

Annie at Gentle Kindness tagged me in this quote challenge and I’ve (obviously) accepted – 3 quotes in three days because well, I love challenges…and quotes.  If you want to play, simply put the link to your site in the comments section and I’ll check out your quotable posts. ūüôā