but he told me to believe…

Review of X-files: The resurrected Series: Episode 1

“well you can say I’m naive, but he told me to belie-e-e-e-ve… ”

And if you don’t know that song, then I am by far a greater David Duchovny and X-files fan than you.

Anyway, nostalgia seems to be a thing lately.  It pays off for some viewers (me and my insta-love of the new Star Wars) and sometimes it doesn’t (my dad’s lack of love for the same movie).  The latest in the line of resurrections of things we loved growing up: the X-files, with the one man who made monotone cool, <swoon> David Duchovny. 🙂

But…is the series worth watching?

Honestly, I would have tuned in for anything that reunited the cast of X-files, except for a musical…well, maybe a musical too, but it would have probably been accompanied by much more wine.  After series like “Fringe” and others tried to cash in as the “next X-files,” is there really still a market for another show that features an unlikely pair investigating murders and strange occurrences?

For now, yes…

Nostalgia is a big part of it though.  I’m not sure exactly where they’re going with the season or if we’re supposed to forget about the last season of the original series and how weird it was.  <shudder>

But the writers (and I’m wondering if they’re all younger fans of the original series and what I’d have to do to become a series writer) have set up a few interesting questions for us to puzzle out.

(This is where I warn you of spoilers below).

  • Abductions – what are they really?  Have we been misled all this time?  The answer…maybe.  And the premise is actually kind of fitting for the original series.
  • Mulder/Scully baby – Sculder?  Mcully?  I’m not sure, but we don’t really know what’s become of him.
  • Smoking man?!  Okay, I squealed when I saw him and it might have scared the dog.  But really, what is the X-files without the looming evil of the smoking man?
  • Scully and Mulder…they finally got together and I don’t get to see how it happened?  And now they’re no longer together? Fox? FOX!! Seriously? I’m hurt.  Where is playful Mulder luring Scully into a kiss? 😦 Forget hurt, I feel robbed.  Anyway, their playfulness is gone, replaced with…well, I’m hoping it’s longing?  Writers, I will forgive you if you give me longing.  Please?  You’ve replaced somewhat playful, flirty Mulder with a kind of morose Mulder.  So, at least give me longing…preferably from Mulder.

Anyway, the jury is still out on this one.  So, I guess we’ll have to wait and see.  But I’ll be optimistic, after all – I still want to believe…


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