Be good to yourself

This is the time of year when people start to plan their New Year’s resolutions – losing weight, dressing better, getting a new job, or taking a chance on something new.  Or if you’re a writer, it could be to be better at blogging (which due to school, I can definitely improve upon), to finish your short story/novella/book/anthology, pitch to an agent, or get published.  But whether or not you’re a writer and are hyper-critical of your own work or a person who questions your life choices and beats yourself up over every mistake, there is a resolution that we should all probably take to heart – to be good to ourselves.

Don’t get me wrong, we should be self-aware and motivated.  Those things help us to reach our goals and become what we are meant to be.  But too much, like that small voice of self-doubt and self-loathing we all have from time to time, is no good.  Being hard on ourselves adds stress to already difficult situations and clouds our thinking, robbing us of the ability to see our own potential and goodness.

So, try to be good to yourself next year.  Treat yourself when you need it and let yourself off of the hook from time to time…let yourself have a good new year. 🙂


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