Quotable Thursdays

Quotes have that rate ability to give us advice or insight with very few words.  Their brevity (it is, after all, the soul of wit) is their brilliance.

This quote does an exceedingly good job of reminding us who has the power to change our lives:

“No one saves us but ourselves.  No one can and no one may.  We ourselves must walk the path.” -Buddha

You.  You alone have the power to change you life.  I’m not saying that others can’t inspire or help you (as we know that it is possible), but in the end, you are responsible for helping and changing yourself.

I think of this quote often when I hear people wish for someone to save them, to pull them out of the rut that they’ve been in.  I’ve been guilty of it too – hoping that someone will swoop in and tell you what to do, to save you, or to tell you that you’re right in taking that next step in your journey.

But the truth of the matter is that you shouldn’t wait for someone to come and solve all of your problems.  Because you don’t have to waste your time waiting.  Just like Dorothy at the end of the Wizard of Oz – many people don’t realize that they already have the power to do it for themselves.

(By the way, I hated that part of the movie.  I was so annoyed at Glinda at the end.  Seriously, who makes a teenager go and defeat an evil witch just to go home, when they could have left at any time?  Wtf, Glin?  As a writer, that always seemed like a bit of a cheat or a lazy plot to me.  On a sadder note, this has got to be one of the only quest-like movies with a female lead and no romantic triangles or what-have-you interfering with the quest/plot…wouldn’t it be neat if they re-imagined the movie in a kind of Lord of the Rings manner?  But I digress..)

Don’t wait for someone to come along and rescue you.  Be bold.  Stand up for yourself, kick your own ass into gear, and be your own hero.  You’re the only one who truly can.


Pasta, the only time it’s okay to eat elbows (Food Series)

Image credit: pixabay & wordswag app

I hate diets.  Although to be fair, I don’t know anyone who loves them.  Because of my slowing metabolism (boo, adult life!), a sedentary lifestyle (hey, it’s dangerous to write and walk!), and a widening waistline, I’m going on one.

But, to make myself feel better, I’ve created this series – the food series – to wax poetic about my favorite foods or tell you stories about them.

Today’s post: glorious pasta.

Mmmm.  I already ate and that picture kind of makes me drool.  Oh pasta, you’re never just a side dish to me.

That’s enough waxing poetic, now for a story:

When I was going through my divorce, I rented a new apartment and the day I left my ex, I left a lot of my stuff at the old place as well.  So, when I moved into my new place, my family helped me get my things from the old place and into the new.  But, since we only had a few hours, again – a lot of stuff was left behind.  I went again with my dad a few weeks later to pick up a few more things.

While we were there, I grabbed a hodgepodge of stuff – a lamp, a step-stool (yes, I’m short)…honestly, I still wasn’t sure what else to take as splitting up joint assets is a difficult thing.

My dad and I walked through the condo to the kitchen where we went through some of my previous belongings – should I take the cookie jar?  No, he had always liked that jar.  Should I take the glass baking dishes I bought in college?  Yes.  Should I take half the pots we got when we got married?  I guess…

Anyway, I remember turning around, not really sure what to do and my dad suddenly asking me if I wanted the giant box of pasta I’d bought at Costco a few weeks before I left my ex.  I think our conversation went something like this:

“The pasta?”

I artfully raised an eyebrow. (Yes, I can in fact do this…probably because I spent a lot of time practicing when I was a teenager.) “Isn’t that…I don’t know, kind of silly?”

“You’re starting over in a brand new place and letting him live here with all of the things you bought together.”

“But Dad, what will people say?  What’s next, the ice cubes?” (Back then, I still cared what people said about my divorce.)

“This is something small.  You’ve been nice enough.  You’ve had to buy cups, plates, furniture, a TV, food…it’s costing you a lot to set up a whole new place.”  My dad took the box of pasta and tucked it under his arm.  “Think of this,” he said. “It’s one thing that you won’t have to buy.”

I looked at the box under his arm.  It held at least 15 boxes of assorted pasta that I loved to cook – elbow, linguine, spaghetti.  He was right, it was a fair amount of food and with setting up an entire place on my own and paying for a lawyer, my bank account was frighteningly slim.

“Okay,” I said and the slight ridiculousness of walking out with a giant box of pasta made me smile, even in that difficult time.

And then we left and I never went back.

In the end, there were quite a few things I never got back from my ex, but I’ve been able to replace most of it myself over the last year and a half.  I’m actually still working my way through that giant box of pasta and I still don’t know why my dad was so adamant about the pasta.  It was the point of it, I think, after all my ex had taken enough from me.

Either that or it’s because we’re part Italian, you know…and we’re very serious about our pasta. 😉

Food Series – Coca Cola

<Sigh> If there’s one thing I’ve learned on the other side of 30, it’s that I can no longer eat what I want  and suffer no consequences to my waistline. Boo.  Metabolism, why must you fail me now?  A desk job, stress, business travel, and the time suck of online grad classes have not helped at all.  Not to mention that I’m a huge foodie.  You know those people who say they get so busy at work that they forget lunch?  Yeah…I never forget meals – I look forward to them – and I get supremely cranky/hangry when I miss them.

What’s this all mean?  Diet time for me.

Snorgtees http://www.snorgtees.com/lettuce-the-taste-of-sadness
Image credit: Snorgtees http://www.snorgtees.com/lettuce-the-taste-of-sadness

Boo.  Let’s be honest, lettuce really is the taste of sadness.

But since I’m cutting down on a bunch of bad foods, I’ve decided to pay homage to them in my new food series…perhaps if I wax poetic about them, I won’t miss them so much.

I guess I should start with Coca Cola…

image credit: @prolixme and Enlight app

Coke, don’t be coy – you know you’re my stomach’s soulmate.

That’s right, I drink Coke – not diet, zero, lite, what have you – I drink pure, unadulterated, glorious coke.

And for my diet, I shall be giving it up for…..hmm well, not completely.

Coke is like the bad boy in my life.  I know he’s no good for me.  He’s trouble.  I’ve given him up so many times.  I’ve gone months without him and I think I’m over it.

But then –

Then, I see him somewhere – with that beautiful red glow – and I tell myself, I deserve it. I’ve had a bad month/week/day/hour…darn, I think maybe I stubbed my toe a few steps back?  And so, I deserve to indulge myself in this one lovely little vice I have.

I pop the top and gulp down a little taste of heaven.

Sure, I might hate myself later for it…and remind myself that I could’ve had the more responsible iced tea or water.  But I’d be lying if I said I didn’t completely enjoy it.

<Sigh> But for my health and waistline, I’ll be slowly phasing coke out of my life.   I’ll start with one a week  – except on business trips, because I don’t drink coffee (I’ll limit myself to 3 cokes per week at first.  Because hey man, business travel is really rough) and cut down from there.

I’ll also try to change my indulgence to Coke Life (made with stevia and sugar for a few less calories), Coke Zero (meh), and Diet Coke (made with tears).

Oh coke, I already miss you.

Do you drink soda?

Quotable Thursdays

Image credit: Pixabay/Wordswag. Quote: Erin Hanson

Ah quotes, those lovely words of wisdom to help you get through challenging times.

I wish I came across this lovely mini-poem/quote long ago. But alas, sometimes words of wisdom only come when you need them most.

Here’s the full mini-poem:

“There is freedom waiting for you,
on the breezes of the sky.
And you ask ‘What if I fall?’
Oh but my darling,
What if you fly?”

Erin Hanson, see more of her amazing mini-poetry on her blog: the poetic underground

This quote is for those of us who are tentative and are afraid of failure (of getting our feelings hurt, of being a disappointment, and other things).  Fear is so powerful in its ability to stop us from reaching our dreams that I sometimes think it should be a tangible thing instead of just a feeling. The bottom line is, you don’t have to go into something thinking you’ll fail. And you shouldn’t decide not to do something new because of the chance of failure.  That chance will always be there.

But so will the chance of success, reward, and greatness. Isn’t that worth a little risk?  When you’re faced with something new, always remember that you can succeed too.

So, take a deep breath and go after your dreams. You might fail and fall….but then again, you may succeed beyond your wildest expectations. 😉

Quotable Thursdays

Image credit: Pixabay/Wordswag

I don’t know about you, but words have always been powerful forces for me.  The wrong ones can bring even the strongest person to their knees, but the right ones, they have a greater power – to build dreams, heal, soothe, inspire, and more.

Today’s quote was a staple during my hardest times and I’m sure it will continue to be.  It’s a quote from the beloved character from children’s stories, Winne-the-Pooh.  It’s pretty impressive when you look back on many of the authors of your youth and realize the depth and inspiration that they can bring you many years later.

“Promise me you’ll always remember: you’re braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.” – A.A. Milne

I think a lot of us suffer from low self-esteem or poor self-worth.  It seems that sometimes, we have no problem seeing the good in others…and yet we often are blind to the good that resides within ourselves.

I’m not sure why that is or how to stop moments of self sabotage from sneaking up…  Maybe you can never completely silence that small voice of self loathing from popping up inside of you now and then.  But – and of this I am certain – you can prove that voice wrong.  You can look inside yourself and find something good.  And you can remind yourself that you are so much more than that voice can ever tear down.  You are better than you think and you can do more and be more than you think.  You can start again, no matter how big the fall, and become something greater.

And the first step, is to believe in yourself.