Quotable Thursdays – Fly


Between starting grad school and some intense travel for work, I’m a bit of a bad blogger this week – only posting my Quotable Thursday post.  Sorry. 😦

But it’s a good quote!

For so much of my adult life, I’ve been timid with my choices.  My ex used to complain about how I had such a low self-esteem (with body image, intelligence, and what I though I could do).  And he was right, I did…sometimes, I still do.

There are times when I quake at the thought of something new.  Or I’m all bravado until just a scant few minutes before when nervousness creeps up, like a colony of angry fire ants, quickly crawling up my legs.

I can’t tell you how many times I wanted to do something and never did it because I was afraid.  Then the most amazing thing happened – everything went wrong.  Something I’d always worried about actually happened.  And it was terrible, believe me.  Until suddenly it wasn’t – until it freed me.

I still get nervous – my hands shake (my voice might too) and my bladder squeezes in nervousness at the most inopportune times – but, I still get out there and do.  You should too, because on brave wings, you can fly. 😉

As a side note: when I was in college, I used to say that if I ever got traditionally published, I’d get a tattoo.  While I haven’t gotten there yet – I’ve a lot of hope for it.  Maybe if I do, I’ll get a tattoo…maybe it will be of this quote, so that I always remember to push myself and just try.


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