Summer Music Series IV

I love driving around with music blaring, singing along (loudly), and telling stories. It’s what makes long road trips so much more bearable (than the alternative of long stretches of weird silence). 

This one song always makes me think of babies, well the artist did write it after the birth of his daughter, and I’ve been humming it to myself since finding out that my sister was pregnant those many, many months ago. And I’m happy to say that she gave birth last week to a healthy baby boy, making me an Auntie for the very first time. πŸ™‚

I’ve visited them since and I’m glad to report that the new mommy, daddy, and baby boy are doing wonderfully.  So here’s a song for all of the parents out there, either celebrating and welcoming a life into the world or just celebrating the miracle of your children. 

“Isn’t she lovely,” by Stevie Wonder

Isn’t she lovely

Isn’t she wonderful

Isn’t she precious

Less than one minute old

I never thought through love we’d be

Making one as lovely as she

But isn’t she lovely made from love

Isn’t she pretty

Truly the angel’s best

Boy, I’m so happy

We have been heaven blessed

I can’t believe what God has done

Through us he’s given life to one

But isn’t she lovely made from love

Isn’t she lovely

Life and love are the same

Life is Aisha

The meaning of her name

Londie, it could have not been done

Without you who conceived the one

That’s so very lovely made from love


me and the little guy


12 thoughts on “Summer Music Series IV

  1. So, when you said a song about the birth of the artist’s daughter, I thought of Closing Time (yes, the Semisonic song), because apparently it is about this. The hubby was telling me this, and I didn’t believe it until I looked it up online. I’m still going to pretend it’s about bars.

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