Alien, Predator, …and me

Believe it or not, up until a few months ago, I had never seen Alien, Aliens, Predator, Predator 2, or Predators.  I accidentally stumbled upon Prometheus a little while ago, when I thought it was a space movie and not horror/thriller based space movie.  I realized it was part of the Alien/Predator universe a little too late (was already invested in the story) and saw it through to the end.  And I’m glad I did, because it inevitably led me to Alien and Aliens…also, my boyfriend happens to own a whole bunch of these movies and upon learning I hadn’t seen them, he brought them all over for binge-watching.

Now, I know there are still a few movies missing from my knowledge base (Aliens 3, Aliens Resurrection, Alien vs. Predator, Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem), but I feel like I know enough for the following statement –

I’d rather be a heroine in the Alien part of this universe than in the Predator part.

Even with the chance of this happening…


I mean, it looks bad, but frankly we’ve all eaten something we later regretted.  There were times after visiting all-you-can-eat places, or just really good restaurants, when I fully expected an alien to tear itself out of my stomach.

And even if this happened…


Because, hey, I’ve been through worse days (and dates) than that and I feel like I’ve met people with way worse breath.

But that’s not really why I’d rather be in an Alien movie.  It’s because of Ripley.


Ripley is my hero.  The woman kicks some serious ass all the time and she’s not the only strong female character.  Seriously, even the ultra-scary alien in Aliens was a female.  How awesome is that!

Meanwhile, in the Predator part of this universe, the ladies are kind of lame.  They survive, but not because of their own strength – the Predators either don’t kill them because they’re unarmed, they’re pregnant, or the menfolk save them.


Way lame, Predator.  WAY LAME.

At first, Predators looked promising.  Isabelle seemed to be a fairly strong character…


…and not to ruin anything, but Adrien Brody ended up having to save her.  Granted, he looked like this when he did it:


And while I appreciate the muddy eye-candy, I’m still rolling my eyes.  They just carried the theme of strong dudes and not-so-strong ladies in Predators.  Maybe Alien vs. Predators fixes this – though I’m sure it’s terrible in other ways, like plot and dialogue. :p

But I’ve already made my decision – it’s Aliens.  For kick-ass heroines…and also, way better plots, dialogue, and characters.


6 thoughts on “Alien, Predator, …and me”

  1. Can’t argue with any of it. Ripley and Sigourney Weaver have kinid of become the measuring stick for all sci-fi heroines (repeatedly Charlize Theron’s performance in Mad Max was essentially compared to Weaver non-stop). I personally think the Predator is a cooler monster, but the Alien franchise makes better movies. With their powers combined, you’d think it’d create movie magic…but no. You missed very little with the Aliens v. Predator run. In fact, you may have gained several hours of your life that I’ve lost to the ether of terrible storytelling.

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      1. For any non-hardcore nerd (and even some of them don’t like them) AVP is kind of a farce. I grew up loving aliens and predators and to see them colliding in a movie, no matter how poorly scripted or acted or edited, makes my heart sing and still does. I’ve lost hours of my life to it, and may lose a few more. Alien 3 and Resurrection are pretty good. Alien 3 is a bit more bleak, and Resurrection has a zanier vibe, but worth watching.

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  2. Hilarious comparison of the Alien to dating and dinner. Your humor survives to engage again 🙂 Two things I never want to do. Upset Ripley and attract momma alien’s attention. Both would be bad for the skin and important body parts. 🙂

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