Locke and Key – Volumes 5 and 6

Locke and Key – the final two books:  Volume 5 “Clockworks” and Volume 6 “Alpha & Omega

Whew, I finally did it.  I finally finished my first graphic novel series.  It would have been sooner, but I couldn’t bring myself to take the graphic novels with me on business trips – I was too afraid that the travel (and shoving them into my carry-on with snacks and all kinds of things) would ruin their artful pages.  I’m glad that I waited, as I still have the complete set, and pretty pristine.  🙂


When last we left the Locke children, darkness had seeped into their family, a darkness in disguise, that no one would ever suspect.  But how did it start?  How were the keys created?

In Clockworks (volume 5), Tyler and Kinsey discover an old clock in the key house that allows them to go back to key dates (ha! get it?) so that we can get the full background on the magic keys.

The first dates give us a glimpse of the very beginning – when the keys were born from the evil black door in the caves beneath the Keyhouse, during the revolutionary war.

There are a great many dates, but naturally after learning about the origin of the keys, the Locke children are curious about the dates that coincide with their dad’s high school years.   And it is here that we learn that their dad was kind of a dick when he was in high school, and by dick, I mean he thinks it would be cool to unleash a demon from the black door as a last hurrah of childhood. Some kids might want to throw a party, but I guess you do you, bro.

…yeah, I mean, in hindsight, the man is kind of responsible for the demise of multiple people including his own.  Not to judge or anything, but so not cool, dude.  So. Not. Cool.

Alpha & Omega

The end is near and a battle looms…many won’t survive it.  And of course, it has to culminate during a high school party, because if a gateway to a hellish other world is opened, it’s going to be opened by teenagers. :p  I kid, I kid.

Alpha and Omega, the final chapter in the Locke and Key series, wraps up nicely – and sadly, I might add – not only for the characters we lose along the way, but for the end of the series as well.  The art and the story were so well crafted, so well done, that it’s officially made me a graphic novel fan…and I’m glad.

I don’t want to give away any of the final bits of the last volume, but I will say this – a lot of characters die.  But there are also a lot of characters that are freed from the wrongs that happened during the series and quite a few characters survive.

I give the last two books, as well as the entire series, 5 out of 5 starts.  Check it out and prepare for an amazing story.


6 thoughts on “Locke and Key – Volumes 5 and 6”

  1. This is a great graphic novel series, and a nice one to cut your teeth on (figuratively). Clockworks might be one of my favorite graphics of all time. Good ol’ Joe Hill wrapped everything up nicely. Yeah some cool people died, but they went out in good ways. The tribute to Watterson with the Calvin and Hobbes artwork was a nice feature too. Glad you liked it, and hopefully the graphic novel-ing will continue.

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