Locke & Key Volume 4 – Review

Lfile_4_13311ocke and Key Volume 4: Keys to the Kingdom – Review

Volume 4 of the Locke and Key series starts with a kind of art tribute to one of my favorite comics of all times – Calvin and Hobbes, by Bill Watterson.

But there’s no cuteness about childhood adventures as with the famous Calvin and Hobbes comic strip of our youth.  Locke & Key volume four kicks up the darkness and the intensity several notches – with relationship drama, interesting experimentation about letting people into your head/memories, violence, racial commentary, and fighting the ultimate bad guy, Dodge (AKA Lucas Caravaggio/Zach Wells).

In any series, there is a book that brings us to the turning point – that crucial place in the universe where a story goes from innocence (and a fair amount of set-up) to the real action and the real heartbreak.  In the Harry Potter Series, I’d say it was the Goblet of Fire.  In the Locke and Key series, I’m guessing it would be this volume – the keys to the kingdom.  Something quite unsettling happens at the end of this story, but there’s still hope for the Locke kids, and it’s the hope (as well as the curiosity of what the bad guy is going to do next) that will keep me reading.  I don’t want to give too much away or spoil anything for anyone…which unfortunately prohibits me from doing a good job of summarize what happens in this part of the series.  Let me just summarize and say…there are a few characters that are no longer with us at the end of this book (I know, I know, boooo).

The one issue that I had with this volume is that A LOT happened here and A LOT of battles were condensed to just a synopsis.  I get it, I do…too many battles against the bad guy and your series runs really long or worse, things start to feel repetitive to your audience.  But still, there were some things that were summarized that I wish I’d be given more detail about.  But hey, leaving your readers wanting more is really a problem we’d all like to have.

5 out of 5 stars…and I really need to finish the rest of this series!


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