Office worker confessional – Paid Parental Leave

Office Worker Confessional #3

I want paid maternity, paternity, and adoptive parent leave.


Because taking responsibility for another life is a pretty big deal, especially if you have to squeeze that life through a small opening in your body…

For those of you who didn’t know, the U.S. is the only developed country that does not offer guaranteed paid maternity or paternity leave for their workers.  Additionally, there have been studies and articles that have highlighted that paid maternity, paternity, and adoptive parent leave would not cause a negative economic impact, as many opponents of the idea have claimed.

And because there’s often truth in humor…and sometimes it takes a comedian to make people realize the ridiculousness of the situation, check out John Oliver’s Mother’s Day bit, which highlights the issue of paid maternity, paternity, and adoptive parent leave in the U.S.

Still don’t think it’s important?  Well, don’t be surprised when people start looking for jobs at businesses that grant their employees for paid mat/pat/adoptive leave.


7 thoughts on “Office worker confessional – Paid Parental Leave”

  1. I agree. I’ve been blessed to work for 33 years for government and private commercial organizations that had iron clad MPAP programs. It provided an overall benefit to organizational success for too many reasons to mention here but the bottom line was in each case the organizations knew that if they took care of their employees, the employees would take care of business. There are many examples of successful implementation. The bottom line is an MPAP is simply the cost of doing business and it supports one of the most crucial workforce multipliers on the planet – the family.

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    1. Wow. That really was lucky for you. Most of the places where friends and family work offer only unpaid leave, and the ability to take some variation of vacation and sick, which is sad. You’d think you could get at least one day of paid leave for the birth or adoption of a child.

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      1. I agree. It’s time we change this. It’s already proven beneficial for business and families and it’s the right thing to do. I was fortunate I guess. I’d like to see the same good fortune extended to my daughters and grand daughters and their families when the time comes.

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  2. Excellent point. When I was finishing my BA in History I had to take a mandatory Sociology class. I’m glad I did. I was absolutely floored by all the statistics and how behind the U.S. really is regarding being a social society.

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    1. It’s true, while we used to be much more of a leader in that area, for whatever reason we’ve fallen behind. I think a bit of it is fear – there are some people who fear that policies like paid maternity, paternity, and adoptive parent leave would negatively impact productivity and the economy. They’ve shown in studies that this is wrong and hopefully in the next few years we can get some better policies, so we can make the workplace a better place to be. 🙂


  3. Paid maternity and paternity in these troubled financial times really would be a help for you guys over there. It really should be a right and there are plenty of people out there who would like to do a few months work to get some cash and experience. The only way the economy can get in a worse state is if we let bankers and big business continue to make the same mistakes.

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    1. I really do think paid maternity and paternity leave would benefit rather than hurt the economy and the workforce as a whole. I think a lot of the opponents of paid mat/pat leave are afraid of how it will work, costs, and if men and women would actually return to the same employer after receiving this benefit. But just like with other benefits that we’ve had to fight for over the years – like paid vacation and 40 hour work weeks – I think once we can get it implemented, even the biggest opponents will realize the benefit of paid leave. 🙂


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