A to Z Challenge – O (WR)

It’s April again and that means it’s time for the A to Z challenge and this year, my theme for the A to Z Challenge is characters and narrators.

O is for OccultistIMG_2592

An occultist is a person versed in the occult arts including witches, wizards, sorcerers, psychics, enchantress, voodoo priests/priestesses, and necromancers (that one always sounds particularly creepy, no?).

While back in the day, these characters may have had a more antagonistic role in stories (think Rasputin), many genres have grown to includes them as protagonists in magical, alien, and sic-fi worlds.

Before you create an occultist character, make sure to do proper research on their tools/abilities (if you’re using an already existing archetype) or write a proper background before creating a new character/world.  Make sure you stay consistent in the rules.  As a reader, I can suspend disbelief to a certain extent.  What I cannot extend, is the belief that a character would act way outside the norms that have been established earlier in the story/series or in ages old lore.

Favorite occultists:

  • Hermione  (Harry Potter) –  she is the brightest witch of her age, you know.  And she fights against the patriarchy.  😉
  • Cousins O’Dwyer in Nora Roberts’ Dark Witch Series – magick, rhymes, and Irish brogues?  You know I’m down with that.
  • Antagonist (that’s right, I refuse to be a spoiler) in Nora Roberts’ “Divine Evil”…which gave me nightmares when I was in high school, but was so fabulous I really should re-read.



4 thoughts on “A to Z Challenge – O (WR)”

  1. I’m enjoying this series and actually learning some things I intend to implement. By the time you finish, I’ll be smarter than your average bear and that won’t hurt me at all. 🙂

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