A to Z Challenge – L (WR)

It’s April again and that means it’s time for the A to Z challenge and this year, my theme for the A to Z Challenge is characters and narrators.

L L is for Likable

Do your main characters have to be likable? ehhhhhhh…well, it depends on the genre. For my genre, romance – yes, your heroine should be likable (though any romance reader will tell you that there are SCORES of annoying romance heroines).  I’m of the opinion that the hero should be likable as well, but there are writers who make their heroes extremely assholic – and there’s a weird readership for that to be sure (though I am not part of that group).

For all other genres…I think you have some wiggle room.  There are some heroes (and heroines) that are deplorable  – there are some that are strangely charming despite their bad nature but there are also main characters that have no redeeming or likable qualities…and still these stories can be interesting.  I generally prefer to have likable characters, though not angelic – I like my characters to have elements of light and dark in them.

Notable unlikable characters

  • Walter Sparrow, “The Number 23” – this guy was not redeemable or likable, but the story was interesting (as well as super creepy).
  • Frank Underwood, “House of Cards” – while he’s a deplorable person, we somehow are still interested and intrigued by his story (though I’m hoping for some kind of Shakespearian justice).

2 thoughts on “A to Z Challenge – L (WR)”

    1. hehehe. well, often I’ll think of the as a good friend, so it helps if they’re likable, but there are well done stories where the central character is deplorable and it’s still an enjoyable read.


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