The creative process is often a collaborative process (for those of us who are novice writers, many of our friends and family members get tapped during the editing process).  But sometimes the creation of the art is collaborative, and in the coming weeks I’ll be embarking on my first collaborative effort as a writer with JC Konst over at thegentlesandman.

It will be a short sci-fi/romance story, he’ll bring the sci-fi and I’ll bring the romance (I don’t think he knows what he’s getting himself into). When we’re finished with it (and if we finish with it, without getting completely fed up with each other), it will be posted on our blogs as well as kindle for free (yay for free!).

It should be fun, after all, teamwork means never taking all the blame yourself. 😉  Either way, we should have a finished story or at worst, a story on trying to write with someone else…

So, have you ever collaborated with someone on a writing (or art) project?  Has it worked well for you, or was it a spectacular failure?


12 thoughts on “Collaboration”

    1. Oh group projects in school were the worst. I got stuck with a bulk of the work for those as well. But with writing…we shall see. Not sure how the process will work but I’m really excited about the project/idea. 🙂


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