Two words

Life with Bella, the cat-dog

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a post on Bella, my intrepid four-legged companion, nicknamed the cat-dog for the snark that often accompanies her doggie playfulness…

I’m convinced that if my dog could say one word (probably over and over again), it would be – “please.”

If she could say two words, I’m fairly certain they would be – “bitch, please.”

I have compiled photographic evidence to prove my point…

Here we have the – “please.”


And of course, the “bitch, please.”


Again…the “please” (usually with food):


And of course, the “bitch, please.”


And do we have another example of the “please?”  No, no, we do not.  So instead, another example of the “bitch, please,” which is the much more common face the cat-dog likes to wear.


Are we ready for the weekend?  Bitch, please…

11 thoughts on “Two words

  1. Glorious. Absolutely glorious. Bella the cat-dog is both adorable…and snide. Something tells me between the “Please” and the “Bitch, Please” she generally gets what she wants. Cuz who could say no to either one of those faces?

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  2. Bella the Cat-dog is very expressive and darn cute. Your post reminded me that I get an entirely different look. I think it’s more like, “just give it up, can’t you see I’m busy…” Eyes can say so much šŸ™‚

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