iZombie Pilot – Review

While listening to Pandora at work yesterday (and trying hard not to give in to the temptation of wiggling around to beat of the music), I heard quite a few commercials for the CW’s new series – iZombie…from the brains that brought you Veronica Mars (ha! the pun-ery!).

(Queue the fan girl squeal)  I love Veronica Mars…and Logan, but mostly I love the kick-assness of everyone’s favorite badass pixie.  So, how could I pass up the opportunity to see (hopefully) a zombie-fied version of one of my favorite heroines?

So, I tuned in at 9 pm EST to check out the pilot and my overwhelming response is….


Problem areas (and yes, I have my bitch pants on today):

  • Too much focus on the zombie thing – Okay, okay, this is what makes the show fresh.  However, what is the struggle here?  Is it being a zombie?  Being a zombie while trying to solve crimes? Or solving crimes, and btw – I’m a zombie and prepare yourself for amusement/awkwardness to follow?  I’m not sure.  I’m hoping that the next episode will not focus on reminding us every five minutes that the heroine is a zombie.  Speaking for the TV audience, I’ll say this – she’s a zombie, we read you loud and clear.
  • Unlikely duo/future romantic interest crap – Our zombie heroine is working as medical examiner (giggle), though it’s clear that she’s going to be tagging along with an untested, young detective.  <SNORE>  Seriously?  How many of these “unlikely pairs” must we suffer through?  Is it mean to say – it’s be done before?  Because it has…at length and continues to be done on TV.  And why must we eventually have sexual tension between the two?  And oh no, the fact that she’s a zombie will surely impact their budding romance!  Ugh.  While I do like the actor who is playing the detective (and will still watch despite future romantic interest crap), I’d really rather see a crime fighting duo that consists of two women, which brings me to the next point…
  • Dialogue with other female characters – best friend/roommate is concerned about our zombie heroine and tells her, during a one-sided conversation, that our zombie is “her heart.”  Ugh.  I don’t know anyone who talks like this, I certainly don’t, not even to my best friend for the last…shite, 15 years.  Never have I told her that she’s “my heart,” though I did recently suggest we pose as lovers (long story), which is kind of the same thing… :p
  • “Uplifting” end to first episode – We hear our zombie heroine’s internal thoughts throughout the episode, which is fine.  But the end of the episode got a little …overly happy for me, as our heroine becomes optimistic of a cure for her zombie condition (which let’s be honest, we know is not going to happen any time soon).  Call me jaded, but I feel like a zombie shouldn’t be super optimistic…I’d prefer her to be a little dark and brooding.

Exciting areas:

  • Concept of heroine as a zombie is fresh and fun.  A snarky, badass, zombie heroine is even better.
  • Comic book feel of the series – each scene began with a comic book frame that came to life.  Some people might have found this campy, but I actually liked it (though this could be because I’ve been reading a good amount of graphic novels lately).
  • Angry zombie – When our zombie heroine gets all riled up (and possibly when she sees fresh blood?), she turns into a super zombie (complete with crazy eyes and awesome strength)…which I’m guessing/hoping can lead to interesting scenarios down the road.
  • ….Brains – When she eats pieces of brain, she has the ability to access the dead person’s memories, habits, and language abilities.  This is a fun concept, though if not done right may end up getting campy quickly.

Pilot episodes are a damn tricky thing – there’s a lot of information (on characters, the world, relationships, etc.) that you have to introduce to a brand new audience, but in a way that doesn’t bore us or make us feel like banging our heads against the wall.  This pilot episode, while awkward in some places, did a fairly good job of introducing us to the main players in the series, as well as the heroine’s unique struggles as a zombie.  Was I blown away? Not really, but how many pilot episodes are actually able to do that?  The pilot episode was able to pique my interest a bit and make me curious about the next show.  And for a brand-new series, I think we can count that as a win.

Did you watch iZombie last night?  What do you think of pilot episodes, in general?


13 thoughts on “iZombie Pilot – Review”

  1. It’s based on a long running and popular comic series. I’m not familiar with the comic, but I’m beyond burned out on zombies to add this to my queue. You’ll have to let me know how it is going forward.

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  2. I wanted to watch this one, because it looked kind of fun. Placing it head to head with SHIELD was a mistake. Melinda May kicking major butt won out for me.

    We used our recorder to grab Rizzoli & Isles. It has two female crime fighters, and is based upon a long running series of books. You might like it.

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      1. R & I is what I call character driven. I don’t care what they’re doing, I just enjoy their interactions. There’s a great lesson there for writers. Not saying the rest isn’t important, but we get farther with plot and great characters than we do with plot alone.

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      2. Interesting. Over the years, I’ve enjoyed a lot of shows or movies that are more character driven. Sometimes those are more enjoyable, even though the writers are doing what we’ve been told we shouldn’t. 🙂

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  3. Yeah, this one didn’t grab me either. It had a few chuckle-worthy moments, but overall I came away unenthused. I am also interested in the comic. It’s a Vertigo title and that usually means its halfway decent. Rizzoli and Isles has come up before with good reviews for me too. Continuum is a really good show also with a female lead.

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