Wisdom from the road

IMG_2200Wisdom from the road

I travel a lot for work and being away from family, friends, and my dog can make me somewhat introspective and poetic.  This past week, I was traveling for business and on the trip home (perhaps due to being over-tired), I was struck by the wisdom in the traditional airline safety demonstration –

“Remember to secure your mask before helping others.”

Yes, I know it’s a little cheesy to relate this to a life message.  But, hear me out.

As someone who always tries help people and often puts the needs of others ahead of my own, I know that it’s easy to lose track of your own needs while being a good friend, family member, or spouse.  Sometimes, people feel guilty about taking care of themselves, thinking that it means that they’re selfish.  But (assuming you don’t always put your needs above others and don’t only think about yourself), being good to you is an important part of being healthy.  After all, you can’t do a good job of helping other people breathe, if you’re gasping for your own breath.

So, take care of other people, help other people, be good to other people…but also remember to be good to yourself too.  🙂  Have a great weekend, readers…and take care of yourself. 🙂


10 thoughts on “Wisdom from the road”

  1. A nice reminder that introspective rescues should not be ignored. I think I might add one should also hold their breath with puffy cheeks and squint while applying oxygen to others. Otherwise, it might give the wrong impression to the recipient. You know, with all this love at first sight running rampant due to internet isolation.

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      1. And, from your history of captivating and solid writing, I don’t think anyone would be better at it. I’ll just wait right here for your post. 🙂

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