Witchy Women – American Horror Story Season 3 Review

American Horror Story – Season 3 “The Coven”

AHSCovenPosterOh American Horror Story, you’ve restored my faith in you with the “Coven,” or as I like to say, “I’m all about the witches, bitches.” 🙂

“Coven” follows a small group of yes, witches (duh, it’s in the name) within a secret school.  There are enemies outside the group – witch-hunters and a voodoo queen with a serious grudge.  But even more dangerous, there are enemies within the house and within the coven itself, as the witches strive to determine who the next supreme (the head witch) will be.

From the first episode to the last, this series does an excellent job with plot, twists, and characters (yay for interesting and strong women!).  Loved everything – the story, the main characters, side characters, and strong characters.  Side note though: whenever they’d talk about the next “supreme,” I kept thinking of “Toddlers & Tiaras” and all the weird kid beauty pageants.

Also, this season had excellent guest appearances from Kathy Bates, Angela Bassett, and Stevie Nicks – which totally made me download a bunch of Fleetwood Mac music because, hey there’s so much wisdom in there.  I mean, players really do only love you when they’re playing.  And you really shouldn’t stop thinking about tomorrow either. 😉

And may I just say, Angela Bassett – you look fabulous.  I wish I could look as good as you do now, let alone when I’m in my 50’s.

Sadly, that’s the end of the seasons available on Netflix, so I’m not sure when I’ll be able to start the fourth season, “Freak Show.”  Boo.  I’ll have to find some other dark and/or thrilling TV series to watch on Netflix.  Lucky for me, there are a ton to pick from. 🙂

Five out of five stars for “Coven,” and I can’t wait for Netflix to have the next season!!


10 thoughts on “Witchy Women – American Horror Story Season 3 Review”

  1. They got back to letting the characters drive the story. Versus Nazis. And aliens. And satan. And zombies. And serial killers. And their spawn. And church corruption.
    Season 2 was crazy. This one was way more controlled.
    And also, Lance Reddick as Papa Legba was awesome.

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