Burning down the House (Daily Prompt)

WordPress Daily prompt: Burning Down the House – Your home is on fire. Grab five items (assume all people and animals are safe). What did you grab?

At first, I thought this prompt would be easy.  People and animals are safe, so I only have to worry about things.  Thoughts quickly raced through my head – my laptop (has all of my writing and pictures), phone (has all of my music and contacts), typewriter (because I love my Remy), writing desk (because it’s a fabulous wooden desk with claw feet!  claw feet!), and hmmm I’d have to decide what book…

But then I thought about it more (I am an over-thinker) and really, what is worth risking the flames to save?  What things do I have that are truly irreplaceable?

Passports, licenses, and credit cards are replaceable.  And while you might want to take them to save you from all that paperwork, I’m going to replace them in a few weeks when I change back to my maiden name.  My diploma could burn – the university could ship me another copy and I can buy another frame.  Besides, I carry my education with me where ever I go.

So fire, these can serve as your breakfast.

With iClouds and backups, most of my writing and pictures would be safe.  The same could be said of all of my music, contacts, and many of my books.

Fire, you can eat my electronics for lunch.

And jewelry?  When I was married, I’d say my wedding and engagement rings.  But now that I’m getting a divorce, I’d gladly leave those behind.  I’ve been meaning to get rid of them anyway…

So by all means fire, have these for your dinner.

As someone who had her life go up in smoke last year, I can tell you this – you’d be surprised what you can live without and what is truly irreplaceable…and more, you’d be surprised what better things you’ll find after the flames have feasted on what you thought was important.



9 thoughts on “Burning down the House (Daily Prompt)”

  1. Yikes! I suspect my first concern would be my wife, my family members, and the dogs, in that order. But it sounds like their fine as it is. My first concern would probably be my messenger bag. It has much of my life on the go within it. After that, maybe some of my rare books and irreplaceable (read: out of print and expensive) card games would be next. It’s hard to say.

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  2. Hmmmmm…Id save the bookshelf my dad made for me, my box and folders of responses to my short stories…and after that I don’t know. Maybe the TV Cuz it’s a big phallic symbol of my arrival into manhood…the thumb drives I have my short stories on…and the pinstripe suit.

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