Coffee Confessional

Office Worker Confessions #2 – Coffee


I don’t know how to make coffee……on purpose.

Why?  Well, first of all – I don’t drink it, so why would I learn how to make it?  I’m weird and grew up in New England, so I only drink tea (mmmmmm chai lattes are awesome).

But also in honor of all of the women in the workforce who have fetched or made coffee in the last, oh 100 years or so.  Also known as….

…feminist bad-assery. 😉  Happy Monday, office workers!


9 thoughts on “Coffee Confessional”

    1. Hmmmm interesting. Actually, when I studied in Austria (super coffee culture) I would have a melange, which were really good. No idea what that would be called state-side or even how to make it. :p


  1. LOL I don’t know how to make it either. Well. I mean. I technically know how. It’s not had but I don’t know how to make GOOD coffee since I never drink it. Only place I need that skill is at the USO and I just point them to the kuereg (or however you spell it lol)

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