Review – American Horror Story (Season 2)

TV Review – American Horror Story (Season 2, Asylum)

518sndmfCEL._AA160_American Horror Story Season 2, Asylum, was…interesting.  In its first season, American Horror Story had a fairly simple premise – a haunted house.  The second season takes place in an asylum with A LOT going on.  We have an aspiring journalist, troubled Nun, serial killer, a copycat serial killer, wrongfully accused man, demonic possession, angel of death, weird scientific experiments/zombie people, a Nazi, and aliens/alien abduction/alien pregnancy.  I shit you not, I got to episode two or three and was wondering if bigfoot was going to make a cameo.

But I stuck with it and the episodes got better.  I was fairly pleased with the way everything ended, though not clear on why the alien story arc was necessary.  Maybe the writers included the aliens as a bit of a benevolent force to balance out the devil and serial killer story arcs?  I’m still not sure.

American Horror Story Season 2 gets 3.5 out of 5 stars, not terrible but certainly not as good as Season 1.  I’ve heard that all of the seasons are supposed to be linked, so maybe that was why there was so much going on in Season 2.  I’m still excited for  Season 3, the Coven…especially since the first episode is called bitchcraft.  lol.


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