Life and the power of words

IMG_1896I guess I’ve always loved a good story – hearing them, laughing with the storyteller, and telling them (especially the funny ones).  I’ve gone through long stretches of my life when I didn’t write much of anything – when I would struggle to finish a scene and like many writers, I have several abandoned projects.

I’ve aways viewed writing as more than just putting words on a page.  It’s been my outlet, my way to connect with people, and a way to think through my problems.  I’ve scribbled in journals throughout the hard times in my life – when I was in middle school and dealing with the suicide of a friend, when my grandmother died, and when my heart was broken (many times).  And writing was there in the good times too –  when I wanted to be silly and write jokes, babblings, pithy dialogue, or a steamy sex scene.

And now – I turn back to my old friend, the blank page.  I put a pen in my hand and let it all come out.  Strange thing is, this time around, I’m a little unsure of what to write….

What should I dwell on?  What should I write?

                   of disappointment?



or something more hopeful?

                         new dreams

                                       new hopes

                                                     a new life.

Maybe a little of both will help the healing process, since we can’t ignore the past….but should always look to the future.

How about you? Do you keep a journal?  Do you use writing as therapy?


14 thoughts on “Life and the power of words”

    1. Writing is great therapy! And half of my scribbles are too bad. 🙂

      don’t feel bad about unfinished writing projects, everyone has them. someday, you’ll pick them back up or be able to salvage material from them. 🙂

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