Review – American Horror Story (Season 1)


Television Series Review – American Horror Story (Season 1)

Don’t you just love the ability to binge watch a series?  Oh Netflix, how I love thee, I shall compose a sonnet in your honor.

Anyway, I have recently rediscovered my love of the horror genre.  Only issue?  Well….sometimes horror tends to be campy and overly gory.  I’m sure even die-hard fans would agree, a certain amount is expected, but unless you’re planning on mystery science theater-ing, over-the-top gore and campiness is an eye-rolling offense.

It was with this in mind that I embarked on my foray back into the horror genre.  First up was Season One of American Horror Story.  I’d heard that the series was good, but sometimes out of stubborn-ness, I can be one of the last to show up at the pop culture party.

So, I finally arrived at this pop culture party in December 2014, the series over-delivered on my expectations.  I watched the season over the course of 4 days (don’t judge, two of those days were the weekend), with breaking only to walk the dog (at night, this routine became rife with creepy shadows and sounds), sleep (where I’d try to work through the show’s mysteries), and work (boo, work! Why must you thwart me from living in the land of books, movies, and tv shows?).  Instead of suffering the flaws of the horror genre (of too much gore and camp), this series weaves in mystery with its horrific acts.  I love chewing on a good mystery, and Season One of American Horror Story gave me a lot to work out…and as some bits were revealed, more questions sprang up, keeping my interest piqued throughout the season.  There are some aspects of the story that I still think about, even weeks after finishing the season (mostly about how one seemingly redeeming character completely surprised me with the level of their treachery).  It was amazing: 5 out of 5 stars.

Season Summary:

The Harmon family moves across the country to LA after infidelity and a miscarriage rock their foundations. They buy a beautiful Victorian home for a song, but what they don’t know is that it is the notorious murder house, with many of its inhabitants still lurking in the shadows… (cue the creepy ghost noises)


3 thoughts on “Review – American Horror Story (Season 1)”

  1. I watched Season 1 when it was on originally, and I don’t know, but it went downhill for me. Perhaps if I’d have watched them all at once, I’d have liked it better. But I did love the details of the sets… especially that basement! Oh, and the opening!

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