Romance Genre Guide to Getting Over Your Ex

The Romance Genre Guide to Getting Over your Exbecause you might as well take advice from the ladies who always get their happy ending 😉

Everyone is always trying to give advice…what to eat (what the fuck are legumes?), what to wear (please stop, Mom), and now how to date… oh joy, oh rapture. :p

I’ve been going through this divorce bit for several months now, and I think it’s time to explore how romance heroines get over their old relationships…if only to delve into the realm of silliness that I enjoy.   So, here we go:

  • Regency subgenre – After her old beau is revealed to be an evil rogue/engaged/married, the heroine forms an unlikely alliance with a rakish duke/count/viscount who ravishes her on a balcony while everyone else at the party dances the quadrille (be still, my beating heart under this suddenly restrictive bodice).
  • Player subgenre – After a bad breakup, the heroine decides “no strings attached” is the only thing she has time for.  Rakish hero finds this outlook refreshing and then annoying when he accidentally falls in love with her…whoops.
  • Pirate subgenre – Heroine stows away on a pirate ship after a break up… becomes a skilled sailor and swashbuckler, then shares her booty with the captain.
  • Boss subgenre – Heroine throws herself into work by volunteering for a business trip with the boss and then fantasizing about climbing… the corporate ladder.
  • Paranormal subgenre – Vampire Ex – Heroine gets a fabulous tan and starts hanging out with that rugged werewolf pack the ex was always warning her about.
  • Paranormal subgenre – Werewolf Ex – Heroine gets her rabies shot, washes her neck, and goes to late night wine tastings with that emo vampire across the street.
  • Time-travel subgenre – Heroine avoids her ex by going way back in time and shows Mr. Darcy or a kilted hero that feminists are awesome.
  • Yoga subgenre – Heroine finds inner peace at a yoga retreat, added flexibility comes in handy when a rugged yoga teacher takes over her class.  Okay, this isn’t really a subgenre, but it SHOULD be…someone write it. :p

Hmmmmm romance novels give you so many options to move on from your ex. 😉  But more than that, they remind you that if/when you’re ready, there are a lot of adventures waiting for you…both on the bookshelf and in life. 🙂  Happy reading to all!


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