Firsts Series – Part 4

Firsts Series

In honor of this blog turning one, I’m continuing with a series of posts on my firsts.

First Romance Novel

As sad as it sounds, I actually don’t remember my first…I blame the fact that there have been many.  :p  But, I do remember how I first came across the romantic fiction genre…

My aunt must have cleaned out her stacks of romance novels and gave my mom two glorious grocery bags filled with books.  I happened upon the bags and naturally dipped my hand into them.  I can imagine my thought process –

Young Alicia sees a random romance novel with a cover of a woman in a lovely old-fashioned dress and thinks, “that’s a pretty dress.”  Alicia flips over the book to read the synopsis and thinks, “Lady Penelope will do anything to find her father’s murderer, including posing as a maid in Lord R’s sprawling estate?  Interesting.  What’s the ton?”  Alicia opens the book to investigate.  2 hours later, Alicia is a page away from the romance in an old school romance novel.  And thinks, “okay, now they’re married.  Hmmm so this should end soon and then they should get back to the mystery of who killed Lady Penelope’s father,” Alicia flips the page, eyes widening.  “Whaaaaaaat?”  Alicia flips another page and starts to fan herself, “so. much. detail.”

First Erotica

I may not remember my first romance novel, but you can bet your ass that I remember my first erotica…though it does help that it was many, many years later.

So, my first erotica was “The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty,” by Anne Rice (yes, the vampire lady also wrote naughty, naughty erotica).  I remember my reaction, mostly because I was exclaiming it to the other person in the room:

Alicia: “Holy shit, it’s the first chapter and they’re already having sex!”

20 minutes later, “oh my God, they’re having sex again!”

20 minutes later, “seriously! more sex!”

20 minutes later, Alicia eyes the cover of the book, “more sex? What is this sorcery?”

And so went my introduction to erotica. 🙂


5 thoughts on “Firsts Series – Part 4”

  1. Your telling of those first discoveries of life’s hidden treasures illuminated old memories of a time before the PC, the Web, and endless information. Romance and erotica was carefully hidden away, just out of reach of inquisitive young minds. My errant teen imagination exploded with the stress of processing a lucky discovery in an unattended closet with a bookcase behind old clothes from the early 1900’s. There, between Dante’s Inferno and Norman Mailer’s, The Naked and The Dead, was Lady Chaterly’s Lover. This banned book, with unfathomable prose, by an author whose desire to bring love’s emotion to public view, set the stage for an endless search for my own fair lady to fill the blank spots in my dreams.

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