Life With Bella – Transportation

Musings on life, by Bella – the cat-ish dog

Bella on transportation, also known as how to carry a bitch

Because of my delicate size and extreme cuteness, people often want to carry me around.  But don’t be too jealous, sometimes it’s a bit of a hassle as many people don’t know how to properly carry a bitch.  For all of you that don’t know, I’ve listed appropriate carrying positions below.

1.  Hip balance/My impression of a doggie purse


This is an appropriate way to carry me.  It allows me to keep an eye on what’s going on (because, let’s face it – I am an excellent judge of character or danger) and it allows you to get me treats with your other hand….which you should definitely do.




2.  Across the chest/My head on your shoulder


This is also a good way to carry me, as it allows me to give menacing glares to those behind us or smirk at those that wish they could be carried.




3.  Baby/I am a princess pose


This is my favorite way of carrying a bitch.  It allows me the greatest comfort while still letting everyone know that I am a princess…hmmm I’m not sure which one of those things is more important.

Anyway, not all dogs like this pose.  But then again, not all dogs are fit to be divas. 😉


Picking dogs up is also apparently confusing.  Do not ever try to pick me up by my back legs – you’re making me look like a dog wheelbarrow and I will voice my displeasure.  If you do this – you sir, are an ass and you are not allowed to carry this bitch.


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