Firsts Series – Part 1

In honor of my upcoming 1 year blog anniversary, I’ve decided to do a series of posts on my firsts…

First thing to be tackled?  Well, in case you didn’t notice, I love romance novels.  So, it’s only fitting that we start with my first proper kiss.  And by proper, I of course mean some guy shoving his tongue down my throat.  :p

When did this blessed event occur?  Let’s see, it was freshman year in high school and the lucky young stud was…hmmm, let’s change names to protect the innocent, shall we?  Let’s call him, “Sal.”

Sal for saliva.  Heeheehee.  Yep, Sal’s kisses were overflowing with passion…and saliva.  So much so, that I remember quite a bit of it dribbling down our faces.

But one thing I will say for Sal, is that he was quite masterful at giving me another first (oh, calm down) – my first hickey.  I didn’t even know what he was up to, but I remember thinking – oh my, that is nice.  Later when I left the dark movie theater (hey, don’t judge), I saw my neck in the mirror and had a minor panic attack.  In addition to having overprotective parents, I was also a swimmer and in lifeguard training – do you know how hard it is to hide a hickey when you’re only wearing a Speedo? And in the water?

Ah yes, high school problems.  So, cheers to my first french kiss with Sal.  :p


How was your first kiss?  Any mechanical (or saliva) difficulties?


15 thoughts on “Firsts Series – Part 1”

  1. It was Greg…and it was oh, so nice! It was a good thing, too, because the next guy kissed like he was eating an apple! Seriously, he was all teeth! If I would have never had Greg, I’d have never know how bad the second guy was! LOL!

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  2. My first kiss was with the wonderful woman who is now my wife. I grew up in a very conservative family, so she was actually my first for just about everything. I remember the night I first kissed her, I was actually terrified of being too slobbery. I blame an episode of Ally McBeal where slobbery kisses where a major subplot for one of the characters. It terrified me since I felt at the time that I generate too much saliva. Happily, it went off without a hitch… well, I guess that’s not entirely true, since we got hitched. 😉


    1. 🙂 Awww sweet. The prequel to first kisses can be stressful, but mostly just exciting. I think to myself – I wonder what his style is…I wonder what he tastes like… I wonder if he’s noticing that I’m staring at his mouth. :p


  3. Your firsts series brings so many memories. They are quite old memories and strangely still vivid. My first attempted kiss was according to instructions I received from an experienced senior in highschool. My very first girlfriend and I were at the precise moment my mentor predicted. I tried desparately to stop shaking so I could execute, Plan A – First Kiss To Neck. Her hair tickled my nose as I inhaled her enchanting perfume. All biological systems siezed in a horrific spasm and I sneezed so hard it blew her hair straight out in every direction. Her look of sultry passion instantly changed to wide-eyed disbelief and a soul crushing, “ewwwwwwww groooossss!” My hopes of an early career in love ended before it started. Later, when my mentor received my dismal report, he had the good grace to pity me and try to console me with a look to the brighter side. He told me to be thankful I hadn’t farted. I imagined life in a monastery was my fate if that were the case. 🙂

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