Arguments for eating at the table, by Bella

Musings on life by Bella, the cat-dog (so named for the snark to go with the tail wagging)

I do have to warn you, this post is in fact, very, very, silly…I blame the three-day weekend.  :p

Arguments on eating at the table, by Bella:

People, it is extremely wrong (not to mention rude), the way you eat at tables and fail to invite your four-legged friends.

I have compiled a list to convince my person, who is so far un-swayed, which I’m sure you will find to be quite logical…


1.  There are three extra chairs:

Look at these lonely, wasted chairs!  No one else is using them, so why not me?

I promise to listen intently to your dinner conversation if I can sit on one of the chairs…  No?  Hmmm..


image 2.  If you refuse to invite me to your dinner, I will be forced to make sad eyes at you from the floor.

Look, look at these sad eyes!

Wait…don’t turn away…




3.  Due to your post-college, bargain purchase of a glass dinner table (perhaps not the wisest decision you’ve ever made), I can make the sad eyes at you from under the table.

Ha!  Good luck ignoring me now!



image4.  The fact that you put a table-cloth over your glass table will not stop me from making my presence known.

Allow me to demonstrate a trick favored by my people – the cold, wet nose on your foot or ankle – when you least expect it.

I think you will find me a formidable opponent in this war, person.


image5.  I have excellent table manners, I’ve been practicing while you were at work.  Let me demonstrate:  “please, pass the steak.”

Still no?  Unfair!  You’ll have to deal with more sad eyes from the floor…and perhaps sad, puppy whining.




I did warn you…a very silly post.  I’d like to point out that despite her best arguments, Bella is still not allowed to sit that the table.  Though she does periodically get to taste yummy people food – a compromise, me thinks. 🙂


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