Evolution of Relationships in Novels…as explained by my dog

Evolution of relationships in novels…as explained by my dog’s interactions with the cable guy 🙂

I watched Bella (I promise, I did not name her after Twilight’s lame heroine) interact with the cable guy yesterday, and I couldn’t help being amused at her steps toward him.  Then I got to thinking, how very similar her stages of getting to know the cable guy were to relationship building in novels. :p  So here is my silly “show” explanation on relationship stages, as shown through my dog (after all, aren’t they always telling us to show and not tell?). 🙂

Yes, I am silly…and no, I’m not one of those people that lets their dog sit at the table during dinner (yet)… 🙂

Step 1 – Distrust

Cable guy knocks and Bella barks.  Her internal dialogue, “who are you and why do you enter my domain, sir?

I put her on the couch to separate them and tell her to stay.  If she could, she would mutter to herself or grumble.

Step 2 – Feigned disinterest

Bella: “I will sit on my person’s lap and watch you.   But I really don’t care about what ever it is you’re doing.

Step 3 – Denial of interest

Bella:  “I will sniff you, but it doesn’t mean anything.” Sniff, sniff.  “I must warn you, I can sniff out liars and cads!”  Sniff, sniff.  “Do I detect essence of old spice mixed with…hmm a lunch of cheese burgers?  Delicious.”

Cable man reaches to pet Bella.  Bella: “Sigh, I will grudgingly let you pet me, but only because you smell of delicacies…

Step 4 – Curiosity

Bella:  “You pet me nicely.  But tell me, sir – how good are you at back scratches?

Step 5 – Finding shared interests

Bella: “You’re good at petting and scratching, but tell me  – would you fancy a rope toss?  Or perhaps tug of war?”

Cable guy throws Bella’s rope and she chases after it, bringing it back quickly.

Step 6 – Shameless flirting

Bella:  “If I nose your hand and sit in front of you, will you pet me again?

Cable guy laughs and scratches Bella’s back.

Bella: “Excellent, I will stay here until you stop.”

Step 7 –  Acceptance & love

Bella: “Pet me more.  Also, if you give me a treat (which my person keeps out of my reach), I will be your friend forever.”


Heeheehee. Of course, all of this happened over the course of an hour and a half.  In most novels, and for most humans, the process takes slightly longer.  But what an incredible amount of freedom and directness dogs have.  Want someone to pet you?  Make cute puppy eyes up at your human until he/she pets you.  If only it were that simple for the rest of us. 🙂



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