Review – Wallbanger

Ebook Review “Wallbanger (Cocktail Series),” Alice Clayton


In “Wallbanger,” we meet Caroline – poor Caroline, who has sadly lost her O.  And how does one lose their O?   Terrible sex, of course.  Poor Caroline.  Girl, I feel your pain.

Anyway, Caroline moves into a fabulous apartment owned by her boss.  All is well until nightfall.  You see, the neighbor next door has a rather interesting sex life.  And has such <ahem> prowess that Caroline can hear his bed banging against the wall (knocking down a picture off the wall at one point) as he spends time with his ladies.

But one night, this becomes too much and Caroline stalks to his door to confront him.  Except she’s wearing a pink nightie and when he opens the door he’s wearing a sheet that leaves little to the imagination.

Caroline and the Wallbanger (real name Simon) meet again at Caroline’s boss’ party….and not surprisingly, they have chemistry.  But, due to Simon’s committed-ish relationship with three women (yes, three, but not in one sitting), Caroline decides that they should only be friends.

…But, Simon has some serious sex appeal (obviously, this is a romance novel after all) and as Caroline gets to know him, she discovers that he’s got a great taste in music, is funny, interesting, and can cook the best meatballs ever.  (Side note:  Men, cooking is sexy.  Very sexy.  Extremely sexy if the food is edible…and not mac & cheese.)

Can Caroline take the next step with him…and can Simon be the man to bring back her missing O?

So, first of all  – this book is written in the first person.  Ages ago, I refused to read any romance novel written in the first person.  But I’m so glad I’ve since reversed my decision.  “Wallbanger” is hilarious and fun – and filled with the witty hero/heroine banter that I love so much.  Alice Clayton’s style in this novel (this is the first of hers that I’ve read) is light, easy, and so fast to read.

Five out of five stars for “Wallbanger.”  🙂


6 thoughts on “Review – Wallbanger”

  1. Ah, yes, the dreaded first person POV – I avoid it as much as possible in romance. But I heard it does the trick for Wallbanger, mainly because it’s funny this way.
    I heard they have another book together, Caroline and Simon, that is. What I would REALLY like to see is one – no matter how small – novella with Simon’s POV. I’m dying to look into that man’s head!

    Wonderful review! Loved the side notes, too 😀


    1. Ohh. A second book with them? Interesting…well, this book is part of the cocktail series, so perhaps I will check the rest out. 🙂 And it would be interesting to hear Simon’s POV. Hehehehee I bet it would be naughty. 🙂

      And you’re right first person POV in romance is exceedingly tricky. But this novel did it really, really well. Kind of came off as a crazy friend telling me this excellent story over lunch (but then again, I have a lot of close friends that are excellent story tellers and have dirty senses of humor – which I love). 🙂


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