Too much?

Can there be too much sex in romance novels?


Yes, indeed there can be.  <Gasp!> Never thought you’d hear me say that, did you?  But alas, it’s true – there can be too much sex in a romance novel.

(Side note:  Like the picture?  I saw these “performance sheets” at Target and it made me erupt in giggles – definitely a necessity on any romance novel heroine’s bed.)

Recently, when I gave my sister the very rough draft of my first novel, she commented that perhaps there was too much sex in my novel.

Any why is that?

Snarky reader response: Because sex in a novel is inversely related to sex in the author’s life?

Oh, hush. :p

I didn’t set out to have my characters constantly humping in my first novel, it just kind of…well, happened.  So, I suppose it was due to a few things – lack of control over my characters, uneven plot, difficulty in finishing my first novel, or maybe even me getting bored with the in-between scenes of my novel and adding in a few smutty scenes just for fun.

But, how can you tell if it’s too much?

Well, I don’t think it’s a question of too much in a story – who doesn’t like it when a book is packed with smut?  I think the issue is more on the timing.  Does it fit with the other action (heehee) going on in the story and the characters’ emotional states?  If not,  well then perhaps the smuttiness should be postponed.

At least, that’s what I’m going to try, as I go through and edit my first draft.  But don’t worry, my characters will still test the merits of the “performance sheets.” 😉


7 thoughts on “Too much?”

  1. It’s a very good point 🙂 Sometimes a boo is packed with sex scenes and though they are well written they just seem out of place with the plots.

    Great post! Made me chuckle 😀


  2. Ah, that’s a good thought! Make sure the timing of the sex scenes fits the rest of the story. That’ll make me think as I write the paranormal romance novella I’m working on now. 🙂


    1. Yep. Sometimes it’s hard to notice while you’re in the middle of writing (most of the time I’m just pushing to finish and stay focused) but it’s definitely something to keep in mind for editing. 🙂 Good luck with your novella! 🙂


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