Review “Take Me On”

Ebook Review “Take Me On,” By Cherrie Lynn

imageFirst let me say, “take on me…take on me. Take me on…” 🙂

Okay, now that it’s out of my system, I can properly review Cherrie Lynn’s latest (and I’m guessing last) of the Ross Sibling Series – “Take Me On.”

Gabby Ross is an incredibly smart and beautiful woman.  She’s also dealing with heartbreak and a major change in her life’s plan after she’s ditched at the altar (ugh, what a dick).  She’s especially heartbroken because she’s 36 years old, currently in school to become a doctor, and feeling like her chances of having a husband and family have passed her by.

Oh girl, I feel you, I totally do.  Growing up in a blue collar city, when I graduated high school without being pregnant – I was like woohoo!  When I graduated college without being pregnant, I was like woohoo!  Now I’m 32 and not pregnant and I’m like, boo.  So it was nice to have an older heroine, who is a driven and smart girl, and has a concern that many of we women have.

When our strong, amazing heroine meets our younger (yessss, younger), awesome hero, sparks fly.  And, oh my, does our heroine have a dirty mouth and a kick ass attitude. 🙂

Five out of five stars for another of Cherrie Lynn’s amazing novels.  It has everything this romance reader loves – a strong heroine, a sweet hero, great plot, and lots of steam.  Check it out. 🙂


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