Blog Tour

Blog Tour

Side note:  While I’m writing this, I’m humming the Beatles’ “Magical Mystery Tour.”  “Roll up, roll up for the mystery tour, roll up….”  Heehee.  Sorry, onto to the Blog Tour:

My friend Rachel over at invited me to join in a blog tour – yay!

What does this lovely blog tour entail?  Well, I’ve posted my answers to the blog tour questions below and have also asked three blogging friends to participate in the tour as well:

– A member of my small writers & artists group 

– Vee over at

– April over at

Their interviews are scheduled to be posted next Monday.  Please check out their blogs as well as Rachel’s, to meet someone new and see where the blog tour takes you! 🙂

And now the answers to my blog tour questions….

1) What am I working on at the moment?

Hmm.  I am currently doing a very bad job of editing the rough drafts of my two novels.  I think it’s because both require hacking through an overgrowth of prose, grammar mistakes, and hours of “I just have to push through this scene…I can edit later.”  Ugh.  Me from six months ago, I hate all the work you’ve made for current me. :p

Then, of course, there’s a little bit of beefing up the skeletonal parts of my novels.  I tend to skimp on the deep descriptions of places and people during the first draft, because I don’t want to get too lost in the weeds.  Hence the constant mantra: “I can edit later.”  Ugh. Boo on that.

As for future writing projects – I know you’re not supposed to, but I keep a list of ideas. I’m chewing on a few right now.  It’s just a question of what I’m in the mood to write and what I think I can actually finish (for some reason I can’t stick with the really dark novel ideas that I have.  Maybe it just takes practice, but I start getting annoyed with them and want to add humor).

2)  How does my work differ from others of its genre?

Well, there are so many flavors to the romance and erotica genre, I’m not sure if I can really claim to be all that different.  But, I do try to add a little of my raunchy humor as well as heroines that are strong and independent into all of my novels.  I also try to put in a lot of witty banter in my dialogue scenes, but as we all know – that is hardly new to the romance genre. 😉

3)  Why do I write what I do?

I guess it comes down to the kind of girl I am – deep down (below all the raunch and silliness), I am a hopeless romantic.  I’ve always enjoyed fairytales and love stories (really aren’t romance novels, kind of like fairytales?).  I believe in soul mates and meant-to-be…and I always love to hear real couples tell the story of how they met.

So, with all of that, I guess it’s only natural for me to write romance novels.  And yes, I always make sure my hero and heroine get their happy ending (dirty joke intended). 😉

4) How does my writing process work?

Before I was able to finish novels, I would skip around to scenes that drew me in and then try to link all those scenes together.  This really didn’t work well for me – actually, it didn’t work at all.  Now, I write my novel from start to finish, with very little skipping around.  Writing the big, exciting scenes are my reward for the hard, in-between, or set-up scenes.  Although, when I think of an amusing bit of dialogue or a neat little scene, I’ll sketch it out really quickly and add it to my outline (otherwise I’ll forget it).


Well, that’s the end of my part of the blog tour. 🙂 Be sure to check out the other bloggers and enjoy the rest of the tour!


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