Review: “Leave me breathless”

Ebook Review of “Leave me breathless,” By Cherrie Lynn

image “Leave me breathless” is the third book in Cherrie Lynn’s Ross Siblings novels…although it’s not about any of the Ross siblings.  But, we do have some visits with the previous characters from “Rock me” (Candace and Brian) and a really brief visit from the characters from “Unleashed” (Evan and Kelsey).  (Yay!  I love it when you get to visit with old heroes and heroines – and they’re all still mushy-faced about each other.)

Let me just explain before you get confused:  Brian and Evan are brothers.  They have an older sister, Gabby, and I’ve just downloaded her book (yaaaay!).  “Leave me breathless” follows the story of Brian’s best friend and fellow tattoo artist, Ghost (also known as Seth – don’t worry the story of how he got this nickname is hilarious), and Candace’s best friend, Macy (who is kind of uptight and nervous, as a result of a terrible accident a few years back).

Ghost is hard core heavy metal and Macy is all country – on paper these two shouldn’t work out at all, but in bed….oh my.  And the more time they spend together, the more they realize that opposites, do in fact, attract. 😉

First things first – this book is insanely steamy, let me just warn you – be careful where you read it.  😉  Heehee  Just kidding.  But seriously, if you have people who often sneak up on you to read over your shoulder (I have this problem ALL the time) – their glasses may fog up.  I mean, look at the cover art – is there any doubt that this novel will be fun?

And second, another warning before reading both “Rock me” and “Leave me breathless” – it will make you do a double take of guys with kick-ass tattoos (ha, don’t kid yourself, more like a triple take) as you wonder if they have any interesting piercings…

Yes ma’am, you’ve been warned – now, go read it!! And after you’re finished, we can giggle about its awesomeness! 🙂

Five stars for Cherrie Lynn’s “Leave me breathless!!”


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