A to Z Challenge – V (AC)

A to Z Challenge

For the challenge, I’m focusing on the A to Z of reading and writing romance novels. This series of posts will contain Adult Content. So, if you’re really young or don’t enjoy dirty things, just don’t read it. No harm, no foul. Otherwise…enjoy. 🙂

image V is for the Virginal Sub-genre

In many romance novels, especially historical ones, the heroine is a virgin or very close to it.

I don’t mind if a heroine is a pure as snow or a lady that has been around the block a few times.  Either way, I do like it when my heroine is strong and confident in her sexuality – knowing what she wants and not being ashamed of it.  🙂

V is also for Vampires

Did you think I’d forgotten the paranormal sub-genre when I didn’t bring it up under the letter “p?”  Silly you, it’s because I wanted to talk about them all separately. 😉

Vampires are my favorite paranormal romantic heroes.  Do you need to ask why?  Isn’t obvious that a vampire hero oozes sex appeal? He shamelessly seduces a young virgin into the shadows, his teeth growing as his hunger mounts… That moment when he brushes the heroine’s hair aside, before plunging his teeth deep into her neck – groaning as he tastes her.

oh dear, and who thought vampires were supposed to be scary? 😉


7 thoughts on “A to Z Challenge – V (AC)”

  1. Paranormal and urban fantasy are my favs also. Who’s your fav author? Mine is Suzanne Johnson and Kim Harrison and Deborah Harkness 😀


  2. Virginity in romance is always an interesting one. I don’t mind it at all. Like you either way is fine with me. Only time I really don’t care for it is in modern ones where they make the heroine just excruciatingly naive. Ex– no idea what a vibrator is or never seen a male chest, not knowing anything about their own body. That to me is unrealistic these days. But sexual inexperience in general I think is nice to see now and again in romance since it’s a reality as well for many. I like seeing heroes that are virgins as well. Brings a very different element to a read.

    Happy A to Z-ing!
    herding cats & burning soup.


    1. Ohh yes, I agree on the overly naive sexuality. But there are people like that out there and people who enjoy reading it, so clearly there’s a market.

      I’ve read one book where both the hero and heroine were virgins (as we know, the hero usually has tons of experience). It was actually pretty refreshing, though I can’t lie – I love the typical romance hero (the man with experience, who knows exactly what to do).


      1. There must be. I’m more lenient in that with historicals but with current day I so like them believable in their knowledge at least. Ah well.

        I don’t think I’ve read one were both were virgins. That would be interesting. I’ve read a few male virgins with an experienced woman and it was a fun dynamic. And just endearing in a way when so many males in romances have been…everywhere. lol


      2. I’ve only read one where they were both virgins and their first experience was less than stellar, which actually made it kind of funny (considering it’s a romance novel). Hmmm I’ve never read a male virgin with experienced woman before, was it good?


      3. I liked it. I’ve read a couple now. The one that stood out most was a historical. The heroine was a 40 year old courtesan the hero a 28 year old Rake that really wasn’t much of a rake in reality since he was a virgin–had a horrible encounter when young that kept him from ever trying again. It was an interesting combo but really worked.

        Have you ever read Amanda Quick (Jayne Ann Krentz)? She does historicals and her “first times” are always hilarious to me. Awkward or a little silly or someone finishes too quick or whatnot. I always chuckle a bit over them. They’re kind of endearing in their imperfection.


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