A to Z Challenge – T (AC)

A to Z Challenge

For the challenge, I’m focusing on the A to Z of reading and writing romance novels. This series of posts will contain Adult Content. So, if you’re really young or don’t enjoy dirty things, just don’t read it. No harm, no foul. Otherwise…enjoy. 🙂

imageT is for Tension (as in sexual)

You’ve been there before, haven’t you?  The flirting that seems to heat up a room, stolen glances or a full perusal of someone (hey, you like what you see), touching a hand and feeling warm skin glide under your fingers, wondering if it will get to that next level. Or sometimes even mouthing off to someone and then, their eyes flash, they’re up in your face, and you’re torn between the urge to kiss them or slap them. 🙂 (Okay, okay – so this has never happened to me, but I did tell you that I love the enemy romance genre, remember?)

Ah yes, sexual tension – where would romance novels…or the lead up to real life romances be without you?

T can also be for threesome (in some of those group love romance/erotica)

Call me old fashion, boring, or a prude, but I am not into all of these group sex novels.  I feel like it mimics a fight scene in a movie – two people in the center, with the rest of the group circling around and waiting for their chance to join in.  <Bleh!>  Not to mention, there are too many names/random body parts to keep track of. :p

Sorry boys, but for this girl – romances and sex are best one on one.  Maybe I’m no good at sharing, but if I want something bad enough, why would I want to share?


8 thoughts on “A to Z Challenge – T (AC)”

  1. “torn between the urge to kiss them or slap them” + “if I want something bad enough, why would I want to share?” = 😀

    when’s your projected publication date for novels 1 and 2? or 1? or 2?


    1. Hehehe I’m glad you asked! I don’t know. 🙂

      My second novel is the stronger of the two and actually funny (or I think so) on purpose. But it needs a bit of work. I’m thinking (hoping) to submit it to a publisher by the end of the year…or if I’m feeling bold (or don’t want rejection letters) I’ll release it myself about that time. 🙂

      Your question totally made my day.


    1. I also prefer sexual tension one on one. I’ve never actually read a same sex romance novel, but I’m not opposed to it. They’re getting pretty popular. But what’s kind of strange/weird is that, most book stores don’t stock them in the romance novel area, they stock them in gender studies.


  2. I took an online class in how to write sex scenes. The woman teaching it who did write threesomes said she used little dolls with movable arms and legs to see how it would look.


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